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  1. Losing his wife, Agnieszka, right after the apocalypse started to spread, Andrzej as a beloving husband and father, was willing to sacrifice his life in order to protect his two children, Zofia and Jacek. Being a former member of the Polish special unit Grom, he would know his way around, in order to survive the apocalypse due to his special training, in both fighting and surviving. Surviving for multiple years Andrzej changed, he saw things more rational and used his pure surviving instinct and skills in order to survive, leaving close to no room for other people and relationships besides his children. The one time Andrzej trusted others and joined their community, the community appeared to be some kind of cult and sacrificed Andrzejs children for their "God". Finding out that his children were not to recover from the ritual, Andrzej became crazy and thought of just killing everybody he sees in a "bloodbath", but not being able to do so due to him being imprisoned temporarily. But there was that thing that the cultists didn't know, Andrzej was a trained killer, willing to do ANYTHING in order to protect his, at this point already dead, children. His children were the only source of humanity, keeping him from going completely crazy, in his own way, in the way of becoming an unstoppable and unpredictable killer, not trusting a single soul on his way through the apocalypse. After convincing the cult to set him free, he wiped out the entire "town" in a matter of hours, at night. Going from one to another, killing them fast but painful and in the way the cultists sacrificed Andrzejs children, slicing their throat and feeding them with their own blood until they died and then cutting them into pieces and throwing them into the "holy" flame. Having done “the work” Andrzej fell into a state of anxiety and depression. From that point on everything had changed, the once to beloving father had become a killer in every imaginable way. Once so focused on protecting and only letting people close to them if they positively impacted his children’s lifes, he didn’t even lose a single breath before killing people in his sight. Years passed and the lonely life of Andrzej began to fall apart, he knew there must be a way around just being a feared killer, he knew his life has to rapidly change before he loses himself, that’s why he decided to move on, far far away from Poland. His Slavic nature and his brothers long-forgotten messages that they would leave Poland going far east, lead him to an eastern part of Russia, where he now hopes to begin a new, valuable, life, also remembering that he is not the only one left in his family, his brothers Piotr and Kamil may still be out there. Helping others with his acquired skills, looking for people he can trust, being open to anyone who proves to be trustful, remembering the so long gone life, the life before it happened, the apocalypse.
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