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  1. +1 Special infected would be cool but more hordes of zombies would be cooler
  2. Honestly those post's pretty much sum up hostilities, not all hostile RP necesarilly ends in people dead, but sometimes people die and if you want to invest more of your character into a hostile role don't get attatched to any gear, even if you are complient its a possibility to have belongings taken and never returned. Know hostilities are a risk and don't be afraid to PK a character if it will help role out the RP especially if your not tied to a group.
  3. I agree i kind of enjoyed the darker nights it gave the map that extra edge and the mild fear of mountains if you are caught without a lightsource
  4. Welcome brudda come see us in de nyhiem
  5. Swear, I was told to move into town or die. 11/5 would RP again.
  7. I like the rules and love RPing with everyone. As an avid RPvPer I enjoy the rules as is < 3
  8. @tz @ImShed @CutieLeik @David Wood @Niller @Paks S tier today gents, S tier
  9. Cant wait to RP with yall
  10. *a deep ugandan accent would come over radio* "Ay brudda, de soldier neva underestimates te threat brudda" *Ugandan giggles can be heard* "as for your drinking brudda, may your aim be true behint de bottle brudda. You will need it"
  11. "IM CLIPPING THAT PUT ME IN IM BABY" - Redemption 2021
  12. My Brudda you forget who I am *Clicks tounge loudly*
  13. Ochen Dembe was taken from his home on Bugala Island at age 7 for the pirate life. Kidnapped as a child he was forced to work as a deckhand and extra gun on Somalian pirate ships. By age 9 he found himself fighting his own nationality on a boat in Lake Victoria. During this time Ugandan Nationalist groups sunk the somalian pirates and Ochen found himself within the ranks as a war child. Fighting in jungles for the next 10 years Ochen would contemplate what his life had become and decided to go awol. Taking his leave from Uganda Ochen would hop on a boat and flee to Norway. Meeting a group called K.A.M.N. sharing ideals and seeing a possible refuge from the life he ran away from Ochen would Join them and be nicknamed Boogs based off his birthplace of Bugala Island.
  14. As your oppinions in the Edit Notes are well thought out It still fails to explain why kill rights were prioritized over the RP. As you just stated there are 2 opptions to hostage situations, option 1 being roleplay it out, option 2 choose kill rights. So please further enlighten on why option 2 was chosen before option 1. I would also like to point out there are not just 2 options to hostage situations. For example an option 3 that would of been for your allies to announce that they were outside and had the house surrounded. They could of ordered me to release the hostage and come out with my hands up giving me more options and a chance to further the RP. If option 3 was chosen which is also another viable roleplay option that could of led to a negotiation or surrender or execution (If the proper permission were asked had I of been taken hostage) of my character Wes. It is understandable under the heat of a moment not thinking of all these options that were presentable but that does not change the picture the suspects painted for me of prioritizing kill rights nor exuse these actions. There were many possibilities as to how this situation could of ended without shots fired (my option 3 being one example of seemingly endless) yet the defending party chose kill rights over the roleplay.
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