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  1. Nope, still not finding it, read it loud and slow again...nothing... is the passphrase long? can i at least have that as a clue...? numerical, alphabetical? anything?
  2. Ive given up looking for today, wasted far too much time, annoying as hell, Easy when you know, ive read it again...SLOWLY and CLEARLY...still nothing... bah
  3. Right, first thing is thayou Admins from removing my Blacklist due to a error on my application, BUT, now i have hit a brand new problem, the Pass Phrase, now before anyone says, i know i cant be told it, But it is a nightmare trying to figure it out, i am sick of reading the rules, page, both out loud and to myself and i still cant figure it out, and yes im sure it is easy for people who know, as it is always easy when you know, my question is, am i looking for a sequnce of letter/numbers or an actula phrase...i have been on ALLday back n forth trying to figure this out, frustration is not the word, any help much appreciated
  4. Not sure if anything can be done with regards to this, but after about an hour filling in the Application, i was blacklisted due to an age restriction, upon checking i had put my age as 4...instead of 40... now, this is a genuine mistake, and to back it up, dont think any 4 year old could fill in the form. Is there a way to get myself removed from the Blacklist?, and yes i realise that 40 is ancient before anyone says so...lol Hope someone can help on this