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  1. wee jimmy aka scotty was born in scotland were he grew up a loner but had an ok upbringing despite everything his mother wee liz past when he was young and his dad then turned an alcaholic at a young age but going into his teens his father past and he was broke he hit the drink but soon he new he was daprest and had to buck up so he did then he met his wife tasha when they where 25 things where good for years then the out brake happend not long after tasha gave birth to thayr son but things where good thay heard about another city outside of scotland so he wanted to go with his familly make a new life so a year went by talken and dreaming for a new life then one night thay were travaling to the next town from where thay were then thay got abushed at the gas staion wee jimmy tried his best but there was to many he lost his son and his wife he was lost and haunted by the screams it keeps him up most night so he made it his wish for his dead son and wife was to got to the new city they had heard about and do his best to forget the past and hope that he can help others not to make the mistakes he made so he hopes to make it to the city
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