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  1. *The voice that crackles over the radio is a male voice, clear, with something of a Polish accent* Dzień dobry? Cześć? Ah! Hello. Mam na imię, my name is Father Aleksandr Wojcik. People of Nyheim, heed my words; today, salvation has come. After so long, the truth of God has been revealed. You all have the chance to be saved. All this time, God's will has been that those still upon this Earth must prove themselves worthy of Heaven, lest they be stuck here in purgatory forever. The rapture came all those years ago, bringing demons possessing the bodies of our friends and families. Well I say, NO MORE! I am here, it is my mission, my holy journey, to bring you into the fold of God's light. My father was kept upon this place so that he might do the mission I now continue, and hope to achieve. Via blessing of holy water and baptism, giving yourself to Almighty Jesus Christ, you take the first step towards liberation from this mortal coil. Should you continue on God's path, when your passing does come, you'll find yourself ascending to His grace and loving arms. Those that do not may yet find themselves damned for eternity. *The sound of a gulp of liquid can be heard, followed by a clearing of the throat* Should you still not wish to take up your only chance of deliverance, I offer yet, blessings, in the form of expert medical treatment and supplies. As well as blessing your weapons with holy water, so that your aim is true, and you fell the demons. I ask for nought in return. Though a small food donation is never amiss. I am easily recognisable, since my robes were torn from me by demons of my own churchgoers, I now dress in Black paramedic gear, with a Red Medic vest and red doctors bag, as well as a distinctive Red Cross armband. Should you ever require anything from me, you can usually find me near the church in the North-West corner of the city, or by radio on my personal channel; (Chappers#7476). Be one with Him, so that he may be one with you. *Another throat clearing is heard, and now the voice is loud, commanding, invigorating* Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. For in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. Amen.
  2. Born into a very religious family, Aleksandr was raised with the firm belief that the rapture had occured, as was his parents belief. It was firmly inplanted in his mind that it was their solemn duty to travel the lands and bless those they came across, to help them see God's light, so that they might enter heaven. From a young age, his father, Zarek, taught him how to handle a rifle and basic medical techniques. Zarek had been an army medic before the outbreak, and was now passing these skills onto his son. Beyond this, firm teachings of the bible and the apocalypse were part of Alek's youth, and he soon took his own oath to help people see the true path of light. This was thrust upon him when raiders broke into their house one night, killing his father, and doing unspeakable things to his mother, before killing her. Aleksandr silently took his rifle and caught them all offguard, killing every last one. His last moment here would be burying his parents bodies, taking his bible and family rifle, and leaving, never wishing to return, only wanting to go out and do good amongst the lands, helping people on the path to heaven until he dies, by which he deems God's will.
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