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  1. Steven Smith is 24 years old. He was living a cool life before the outbreak happened in places near Chernobyl region and everything went apart for everyone. He somehow escaped from Chernobyl which was the major outbreak region and he crossed Chernobyl through water and somehow reached coastal area of Nyheim city. It was the worst moment for Steven as he caught up cold due to being severely wet , he quickly began to remove his wet clothes and reached near an abandoned house where he got some clothes and luckily found axe inside the room. He went outside the house and started to collect some woods and started hitting trees with axe but he was trying to make little sound as possible as he knew sound attracts zombies, After getting some woods, it was already getting dark and then he spotted another house which was about 50 meters away and he quickly ran towards the house and the house was also abandoned but he began searching the house and luckily he found some canned food,some water bottles,some warm clothes and luckily matchbox too. He took everything and walked towards the house where he stored some logs and woods and he began to make fireplace ready and fully secured the house. He then began to warm his canned food and started eating afterwards as he was really hungry. He successfully survived the night and woke up early in the morning and began to get ready for the adventure that will last-long. He started scavenge for foods and he went towards the city area where he can hopefully find some survivors or some foods that will help him survive the outbreak. He somehow reached to the middle of Nyheim where he found some survivors which were friendly and he began to make friendship with the other survivors. As everyone knew, bigger group will help them to survive the outbreak and for the betterment of the society and the life. Steven and other survivors hopefully found a safe place which was big enough and was covered with large concrete walls which was unbreakable and they began to barricade everything and they started a society which will help other survivor stay there and help each other. They named the society 'Together, We Survive'. They started getting more and more survivors which helped them keep everything safe and sound. They knew that, together they can help each other stay safe and happy and also make the society better.
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