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  1. scentlessend

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    This looks too good
  2. Seeing that this community is full of talented writers i wanted to ass y'all a question. How can someone get better at writing and if you could give a few tips and tricks to a semi-newbie like me. (Sorry if i placed this in a wrong thread)
  3. scentlessend

    The Journal of a Cowboy's Rogue Sister

  4. scentlessend

    Akrasia [Accepting Applications]

    This group looks great, hope to meet ya guys!
  5. This sounds so fun, i would love to be a part of this
  6. scentlessend

    Ouroboros (Recruitment Open)

    Great group! Best of luck
  7. scentlessend

    [S] Skryty - Chernarussian Mafia [Recruitment Open]

    Steck,girrafel,ghooz and marcoooz love you guys, glad ive met ya!
  8. scentlessend

    [W.I.P] The Olympians [EU/US Recruitment]

    Oh my, oh my this looks great! Good luck
  9. scentlessend

    Zoyo's Graphics [Closed, for now...]

    These look awesome, keep up the good work!
  10. Anyone that is interested in a story i wrote and is willing to help me with some bits and pieces of it please PM me.