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  6. Don't talk about the past. Don't open the wounds. Follow the code. Always. Follow. The. Code. Don't disobey. Hurt those who do. Don't let them hurt you like daddy did. Astrid follows the code of life handed to her by her father, handed to her through punishment every time she fucked up. Years of tormented and twisted abuse led her to finally break the code. By stabbing her daddy in the throat and watching the life bleed out of his eyes and pool in her hands. She broke the code. For that she forced herself without food for a week, would not allow herself to sit or lie down, only stand. She punished herself for months, yet she could never seem to come to the end of her punishment. Until she realised that others didn't stick to the code, everyone in the world, denied the code. If she could force more people to obey the code, then her debt would be repaid. But she must be coy, she must be persuasive, she must use charm, to get people to obey the code.
  7. I would like to close this report now, Myself and the 3 people involved have resolved our issue in TS and we're all happy now
  8. The person who fake shot around me to make it seem like I had been shot, then did the finger to the lips (shush) symbol and then the thumb dragged across the throat (death) symbol, Meaning keep quiet or you die, he then says in OOC 15:02:59 | Chat("Max Judge Cage"(id=)): //it;s called threatening, How was I supposed to know that he was only threatening me, how was I supposed to know that he wasn't going to kill me if I talked? He never stated that in Voip or text chat.
  9. Server and location: Server 2, Green Mountain. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:35 23/09/2015 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Alice Glass Names of allies involved: N/A. Name/Skin of suspect/s: Max Judge Cage, Rudolf Nosibor, Nathan Safe Wes Suspects weapon/s: AK47, M4A1 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://www.twitch.tv/saffypie101/v/17387091 (03:27:13 - end of VOD) http://www.twitch.tv/saffypie101/v/17421069 (Entire VOD) (2 VOD's because I got transcoding halfway through the situation) Detailed description of the events: I had been making my way to Green Mountain because I knew that there were always people there, I arrive at the mountain and I see a person running out, I say "Hello", and he responds with "what the fuck? why are you talking like a retard", he was talking about my voice because I have a high toned voice. He thought I was insulting him and asked me if I was treating him like a dog and did he look like a dog? I replied "well with that ridiculous hat you do to be honest", from there onwards he repetitively calls me a "stupid bitch", at that point his friend comes out of the compound and tells me that I'd better watch what I say, it then turns into an argument and their 3rd friend shows up, I get frustrated and start to walk into the jail whilst the 2nd person calls me an ignorant idiot, then we argue again and the 1st guy aims his gun at me from outside the jail, I say "woah woah woah, easy there, look my gun's not loaded, it's not loaded" and I put my gun away because I wasn't looking to start a firefight, I slow walk into the back room and shut the door to ready my magnum incase it was needed, when I head back to the door it's locked, I say " what the fuck?" and then it's punched from the outside, unlocking it, I jump back and two of the guy come in with their guns raised, tell me to get on the ground, drop my weapons and put my hands on my head, they handcuff me and say things like "If that fucking bitch says one more word then shoot her in the head", a couple of minutes later I can hear a guy from outside the compound asking what's going on, they say that if the guy doesn't leave within 10 seconds they're going to shoot me, they count down from 10 whilst I'm yelling "I DON'T KNOW HIM, YOU CAN'T SHOOT ME FOR HIM NOT LEAVING!" they get to zero and fire shots around me, The the person who shot around me did the finger to the lips symbol and the thumb dragged across the throat symbol,basically saying that if I speak I die, I am then neglected for 30+ minutes, unable to speak in fear of getting shot, it was probably some of the worst RP I've encountered so far, and I've seen a lot.
  10. Saffypie101

    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    So some might know but some might not, I perma-deathed Dottie yesterday, but then it create difficulty with the relations of the group and how things would play out. So as far as anyone's concerned Dottie's execution and anything 1 hour previous of her death, didn't happen. Dottie is still alive but will leave in a different way. Sorry for difficulties that this situation caused. <3
  11. Saffypie101

    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    Like I said, a handful.
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    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    Oh goodness, this group is going to be a handful!
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    [RS] Rodina Sjednocený - Now Recruiting

    *shuffles awkwardly*
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    New forum version and theme

    Love, love, love the new GUI