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  1. Server Password Problems

    ahh ok that fixed it I can now play Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Server Password Problems

    I have thoroughly checked and I am 100% positive I am typing in the password correctly. Through GameTracker I add both of the servers information and launch from there, although after DayZ begins to load it then asks for the password again, so I re enter it through the game and it says it is incorrect. Not sure why it is doing that.
  3. Server Password Problems

    Yes that's the password I have been typing in and all it says is incorrect password. Not sure why this is happening
  4. Server Password Problems

    very positive, although can you PM me the password just to be 100% sure? Yeah I have tried that many times, unfortunately there was no difference
  5. Server Password Problems

    I type it in exactly how it is shown on the whitelist page and it still says it is incorrect. Not sure why it says incorrect Pretty upset haha
  6. Server Password Problems

    When I go to enter the given password on the Standalone whitelist page, I am greeted with a message indicating I have entered the incorrect password. Has the password changed or is there something I am doing incorrectly? Please help. This problem occurs when I try to play both EU and US servers.
  7. My first day in DayZRP

    Sounds like a sick first day! Can't wait to give my first day ago seeing as I just got whitelisted, yew! :D