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  1. I was away for a while, some of your probably don't remember me (wasn't super active when I first joined), and now I've re-applied! Okay, so I had already passed the application process when I first joined, but that was about a year ago almost. Thus me reapplying with a fresh character! Let's hope it gets approved, can't wait to meet some of you.
  2. Planet_Orrion

    DayZRP Christmas Special

    #217 Feeling lucky
  3. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    Server wiped my character, can't make it since I don't have a decent weapon anymore to act as security
  4. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    See you all tomorrow!
  5. Planet_Orrion

    0.52 Patch discussion

    Oh dear...
  6. I'm an avid reader of the report section, thankfully I haven't run into much in a way of bad RP (except a poor excuse for a robbing: "Drop everything now 3 seconds!" then runs off) though that is mostly because I haven't logged in by seeing such a large wave of trolling/bad RP going on. A friend of mine who was in the process of whitelisting is now waiting to finalize his application while things cool down, considering the level of trolling going on right now (don't even get me started on cannibalism). Honestly, I think DayZRP got a lot of publicity because of streamers like Psi. It sure got me interested, but like in Psi's Arma 3 Life series and streams people would get in the game and try and find Psi so they could get their 5 minutes of fame. My interest was that I had heard of DayZRP before, but never had the time for it until recently (and by that time the mod had ended). That's how I believe, having watched Psi for a long time, the settlement at Nad crumbled and every settlement since (lack of time and people searching for Psi). Nad probably saw very little traffic, or at least a manageable one, until Psi was taken to prison there. I watched the stream during his stay/trolling of Nad and it seemed as if the whole server had congregated to the settlement. Am I blaming Psi? Of course not, that's how he plays and unfortunately a lot of his followers snuck through the application process to get their fame. Every time I play now (which hasn't been a lot recently, considering Finals combined with knowledge of trollers/bad RP), though, I have OBS running in the background with an easy hotkey to catch any situation on tape. Now, I get that I just made a broad finger point at streamers and their followers, but I suppose it needed to be said. All I know is that, with dealing with finals, I don't have time to deal with bad RP and get reset to a fresh spawn. Maybe, for lore reasons, disallow cannibalism in the application process and make it a KOS-esk offense.
  7. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    Cya then!
  8. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    The one that's all torn up and is missing a few panels of sheet metal?
  9. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    Because of the date change, I can remain as part of security. What time is 18:00 ST for Pacific TZ? And I've never heard of a red barn before. What's it look like, exactly? (Am I just getting silly and it's the normal two-story barn?)
  10. While I haven't been active lately because of school finals, the little time I did spend has been very enjoyable. Meeting up with several people and just sitting around a fire is amazing. Randomly looting NWAF and encountering a group of friendly players who had their backstories well thought out and me reading Robinson Crusoe to them as we let our steaks cook on a fire. Then finally finding a player settlement just as it was closing, to be robbed the next day (real fail RP, "Drop your loot now 3 seconds!" didn't think to record anything at the time (Now I do)). Minutes later I run into a bunch of Irish people, who, after hearing of my very recent plight, traveled across the map with me in search of my robber to no avail. We did have some good fun that day, including me almost getting robbed by them when I had become separated from them temporarily. That's all I've encountered so far, but even a negative like that robbing turned into something grand! I'm here to stay!
  11. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    Sorry, Hex. I underestimated my finals, going to have to pull me from security. I was looking forward to his too
  12. I found a spot recently with five stones lined up in a star formation, with branches in the middle. I vacated the area quickly and refrained from starting any fires there.
  13. Planet_Orrion

    FightNight - Fighting Tournament -

    You could use a three-story industrial building as a location. Lots of space above to watch the fight below, and rooms for fighters to prep up / get fixed up after a fight. Name: Eric Lott Role: Security