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  1. Watching it, it looked like they shot you because you still had your gun in your hands but it was definitely bad RP
  2. cheers guys for the open friendly support of this community
  3. Today I awoke at the base of green mountain and soon realised I wasn't alone I met Quinn and Mike who were also looking for the radio's DJ's after venturing into Zelenogorsk we lost Quinn in the night so Mike and I threw down flares and started a fire in an effort to attract his attention, unfortunately we never found him again. The next day we scavenged the town for loot and headed back up to green mountain leaving a note should the DJ's return. We then decided to head to the NWA and I learnt that mike had escaped the law by people smuggling and managed to get shipwrecked onto chernarus. Shortly after entering Putsoshka we found a cow that we wanted to eat and right before gutting it I unfortunately timed out of the server. Great fun 10/10 would RP again
  4. Hey everyone I'm new to the community and have played quite a bit over last couple of days but sadly haven't run into any of you guys yet. Are there any [trading outposts] or areas I should stay in if I want to meet people? I know this may be because of the fact standalone is very skimpy on base building atm but we can still try