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  1. ButterBunzz

    Patch 0.59!

    updates make me excited to get invested in dayz again.
  2. ButterBunzz

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    pristine potatoes.
  3. baby steps. I find myself taking time off from dayz and by time i mean like a couple months...
  4. mr.moon is love, mr.moon is life.
  5. ButterBunzz


    just zombies without limbs at least lol
  6. ButterBunzz

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "they're watching us" O_O
  7. I feel the opposite to some degree. Avoiding a large group is a survival tactic in my opinion. it bothers me when individuals aren't somewhat cautious when approaching groups because they feel they can't be harmed for "rp reasons."
  8. i didn't know people actually prefer to lone wolf considering the hostility now days
  9. ButterBunzz

    Absolutely no food.

    grow your own food?
  10. yea i find myself off and on with dayz because of things like this
  11. ButterBunzz

    Barbecue RP

    hmm not sure how i feel about being able to easily cook steak on a stick over a fire lol
  12. ButterBunzz


    ahh a boy can only dream of such gore in dayz
  13. yay stary isn't as popular as it should be currently