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  1. Patch 0.59!

    updates make me excited to get invested in dayz again.
  2. baby steps. I find myself taking time off from dayz and by time i mean like a couple months...
  3. Mr Moon

    mr.moon is love, mr.moon is life.
  4. Base Building

    id be happy with just barricading tbh.
  5. ZOMBIES!?!?!

    just zombies without limbs at least lol
  6. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "they're watching us" O_O
  7. Avoiding RP Discussion

    I feel the opposite to some degree. Avoiding a large group is a survival tactic in my opinion. it bothers me when individuals aren't somewhat cautious when approaching groups because they feel they can't be harmed for "rp reasons."
  8. Do you go Alone or with a group?

    i didn't know people actually prefer to lone wolf considering the hostility now days
  9. R.I.P. Leeway Mercer

    R.I.P sorry for your loss
  10. Absolutely no food.

    grow your own food?
  11. Just me or?

    yea i find myself off and on with dayz because of things like this
  12. Barbecue RP

    hmm not sure how i feel about being able to easily cook steak on a stick over a fire lol
  13. Gore

    ahh a boy can only dream of such gore in dayz
  14. yay stary isn't as popular as it should be currently