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  1. A call to the hanged men (All channels)

    *Lasse hears the familiar voice over the radio while making food over a fire* Is, is that you Alex? I tough you where... I will be there... *Lasse trows water over the small fire and packs his backpack in a hurry to head down south yet again*
  2. New!

    Welcome to the party
  3. Hello Coummunity!

    Welcome to the club!
  4. Where is Everyone From?

    Norway represent!
  5. I like this idea. But guess we gonna have to wait until 2017 for this right?
  6. DayZ | The Road to Beta!

    Long road to go yeah. BUT! Fallout 4 is gonna keep me waiting until Dayz gets better
  7. So. While we wait... Anyone have a favorite Exile server to play on? Or know of any that is good?
  8. Don't let the train die! I'm still waiting for this
  9. looks fun! gonna be great to run around whit zombies and not 10-15 FPS in towns
  10. Zombi

    Gonna give this game a shot. Looks fun i guess. Never saw so much of it after it released on the WiiU
  11. good luck whit this group Rifleman!
  12. Improvised resin torch

    just take a stick and one rag then combine.