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  1. not at all lucky im sure the government would have sent in further operations when contact with me or you was lost and if we ever meet ingame then we can figure out who got there first by pulling dates outa our asses haha the hardest part of my back story is im struggling to find syringes to take my samples similar stories indeed but like i said we will figure it out when our paths cross could make a decent story of it i think...
  2. Love the effort put in very fluid just hope u catch that ride across he border in time
  3. not at all jankey mate u work away ill be glad to give my 2 sotoshi's worth, a geneoligist btw is to my knowledge a dna expert typically used to trace familys tree's and peoples ancestry lines i can only expect that in a apocyliptic situation that we find ourselves in right now that a dna expert might prove useful in collecting and analizing samples looking for abnormalities, if my definition is in anyway wrong i appoligize and if someone else has anything to add to that feel free as im 99% sure thats right. ill look forward to reading ur ideas mate...
  4. hey bud very useful guide and the links prove helpful, not so new to standalone myself i came here as im tired of the whole "look player gotta shot him before he can see me nevermind speak to me" approach people seem to have on nearly every server, i have a couple of mates who will be joinin up in a week or 2 so ill be sure to point them here as they will be complete dayz virgins so be very usefull for them. cheers
  5. Thanks bud good to here that, im going with this and have few other plans just hope they work out
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  7. i got home a hour ago just got a few more things to do about the house then im in for a long night i threw my back story up in the forums so perhaps i can get some feedback from some folks before i start but i think what i got so far is ok to get me going. those 3 hours will fly always get that sunday afternoon song by jon lajoie stuck in my head while working sundays u should check it out if ur up for a laugh
  8. my initial plan of entry is... i am a geneoligist from ireland sent by the british government along with 3 others 2 milatary and one other scientist to find and collect samples from the undead and living on the island so that they can try to figure out whats going on and possibly come up with a cure or with a un vote opt for total irratication of the island current beleafs back home are the russian government had a chemical weopons lab that leaked but this is the hear say that i have sent to prove or disprove, sadly upon entry into the airspace around the island our plane was shot down all my crew were killed bar one milatary guy but he met his demise whilst saving me from the first zombie horde we came across "he swore to me he had enough rounds left to hold them off" i tried to go back to help but there was to many i had to run now on my own all our equiptment was destroyed in the crash, except for a shitty flashlight "but with evil everywhere alittle light might save a life" i mutter to myself as i walk alone. determend to contact home and get back to my mission i search for living souls for some hospitality and lets see where the community can take it... feedback would also be good
  9. oh im sure ill find u somewhere in my search for humanity dale just wonder how long before ill find some
  10. yeah luna i read up on the lore not got round to any stories yet i got whitelisted whilst i sleep shame i got work today but thats only lasts for so long
  11. thanks rick i seem to have moved to 7th but hey we all got time whats a few days if needs be. all i can say is the first person to see me will most likly hear me coming from 500 yrds away crying for help lol just hope he's freindly
  12. hey all think this is what dayz was made for so glad i found it really looking forward to getting stuck in fingers crossed on the whitelisting though 5th in queue atm