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  1. Nice video dude! The old zombo kinda' reminds me of Santa? ..anyone else?
  2. Fantastic guide Dougie! Coming from a new member of the community, stuff like this is really handy to be able to look at. Some people don't get on with a lot of reading, however this is broken down nicely into easy chapters to follow! ..don't be scared to add more pictures. I could certainly do with some photos of the 2 kinds of berries, so I know what I'm looking for once in-game. This also applies to your other sections, screenshots / artwork just makes things a lot easier to understand your point. Great work thus far, thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I just thought I'd made a quick forum post to introduce myself. I have recently handing in my application, and will hopefully be meeting you all in-game very soon. My name is Will, I am 22 from London in the UK and probably like most of us here, have been playing & loving the DayZ mod / Standalone for a while now! I also play a lot on ArmA 3 Role-playing servers and in the past have been both a white-listed Rebel & Police. I've been through a few community's in the past and hoping to find one here that puts together both my love of Role-play and DayZ. Take it easy guys.. -Will