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  1. This is a blast! The standalone feels like a completely new game now. Rolling around with a friend adds quite a bit to the experience rather than being alone which I enjoy a lot.
  2. Thanks! I have been reading through the lore, it is really cool! I will be sure to check out stories as well.
  3. Thanks for sending me this Dougie! I appreciate this The section about the berries helps me a lot, as I always seem to forget which ones are good and eat the wrong ones D:
  4. Hey everybody. I just submitted my application in hopes to get on both the mod and also the SA servers. Currently right now I have been playing quite a bit of standalone, and have been on the fence recently about which is better, normal DayZ mod or SA. Do you guys think in the future DayZRP Standalone will be as popular as the mod is now?
  5. Hey everybody! Just wanted to drop by and say hello! I just finished my application, and hoping that I can get in! Looking forward to playing!