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  1. Uploading the video, it'll be a while. Downloading Star Citizen at the same time and will post PoV when the video is up.
  2. Got in, haven't found any other weapon and I've died out of nowhere twice. Pretty sure the hunger and thirst meters are broken atm. They display 100 at all times.
  3. I got in, said that I'd get server information Saturday. It's Sunday now and I'm pretty bored tbh.
  4. *Polot would pick up his radio and giggle a bit as he did it.* Bro, you're cucked. Face it! This whole thing is out of the motivation of someone who isn't hardly able to raise a weapon in your favor. You are taking a big steamy shit on the backs of all of the guys that can actually pull the trigger on a gun without falling over and busting their ass in the dirt because their big strong meatbag isn't there to hold them.
  5. Hey guys, Danny here. My name is Polot in game. There's a video of him admitting to killing our guys and knowing for a fact that our two groups are at war. We had execution rights. My PoV: We are running to Novaya and one of our guys runs into OP at Bash. We see the armband and call out that it's 101 so we move there and initiate. We put him inside and I move inside to open OBS mid-game (bad idea btw). This is where the recording starts. I run upstairs and start looking through the aids that is the rain in this video game and my game crashes from the OBS I had started previously. I relog and continue watching around for a while and the guy falls unconscious. I stay on guard while Wong and Dusty start helping the guy out, feeding him several times, giving him drink several times, continuously CPRing him, and we even used a splint on him to see if it was the shock damage. None of this worked and the guy just kept falling in and out of consciousness (known bug). 78 times, to be exact. Eventually one of our guys gets into some trouble with four or five dudes at tents to the south so we decide that it's just time to use our execution rights on him and move to assist our other member.
  6. d00d! I LOVE dongers! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because, as the judgement states, I am not allowed to use ghosting to my advantage or moving to a location that would be difficult or impossible to do on another server The fact that the correction of a bug that is commonplace in this patch is being punished is absolutely absurd. If one were to check the logs for the server that I connected to and calculate out the three minute server hop timer it would be apparent that I was on for less than two minutes. The idea that I could move to an advantageous position in this time is simply misguided. I was already in the server, within five hundred meters of the situation and I was already moving around this area of the situation with Dusty. Almost immediately after entering the red boxed portion of the map, my game froze and everybody else hit a 1 FPS zone, as this patch is well known for. Other people were able to run through, but upon attempting to move forward, my efforts were met with a black screen and the inability to tab out. I Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the task manager, proceeding to close the game from there. After doing this, I restart the game and join the server again. When I log in, I am still in the 1 FPS zone and my game is stuck on a black screen with "direct chat" in the bottom left. The game freezes again, and I close it with the task manager again. After doing this, I decide that the bug is obviously the area I am in on the server and join S2, move about twenty meters south and into a field where I log out and rejoin the other server. After doing this, I continue on the path I was running on before and, after Dusty shoots, I find a spot and take cover about 150 meters away from where I logged back in. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This twenty meter move is, according to the verdict, an advantage that I would have otherwise not had if I had stayed on the server in a crashed state. What I did is equivalent to re-logging after a signature check, and, as far as I can remember, that has never been a punishable action. In fact, not re-logging after the signature check is when punishment is often issued. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My ban lifted and the ban strike issued to be removed. What could you have done better?: Stayed on a black screen and played the waiting game.
  8. Meet me in room 4 on TS and bring staff if you want, you obviously aren't reading anything I'm writing. Both of you. Room 3 as 4 is occupied.
  9. Now if we could actually try to stay on topic and stop throwing shit us, hoping it sticks, it's happy to note that the opposing group has already admitted fault to breaking the rule that they were originally accused of breaking in Blitz's report. Blitz was killed before they make contact with our group directly and not through the hostage and they have stated at least twice now and even provided video evidence as such. If we could look at that and perhaps prompt these people to make a separate report for their accusations as they pertain to the firefight and Blitz's pertains to the hostage situation that ended at the start of the firefight.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Warned for responding to, and clearing misconceptions with, and pertaining to a report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The warning message states that my warning is for unnecessary posting, when, in reality. The post is entirely necessary, as it is defending my own innocence from a post that accuses literally the entire group I am defending of rule breaks that quite apparently didn't happen. Since when is the "fuck" word offensive. It's a way to get my point across because I don't feel like formatting or highlighting everything that is important. Apologies for putting emotion into my writing, I guess I'll be a robot from now on. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The three points that were issued removed. If not this, then at least reinstate the post and perhaps put a message at the bottom stating I received points, as this is something to clear misconceptions that are still being brought up by the defendant's group. What could you have done better?: Not have said the "fuck" word.
  11. My responses are in red, and don't worry, there's no fuck word.
  12. Polot's PoV: I am running from Novaya to the bus station near Zaprudnoe when Blitz says he is being followed and is just north of me. I start to move towards the red barn when I hear the he has been initiated on and wait in the trees, watching them move him into the barn. I wait on the others to reach my position while I notify people who were muted or are just joining the channel about the situation. When the group with that was within 500 meet up with me and we are all together we start to flank around to the south and south east. We move around in the far trees and end up hitting a 1 FPS zone. My game crashes so I try to rejoin the server, forgetting about the zone that I am stuck in. My game once again crashes due to me logging into the zone so I hop onto S2, wait my 3 minute timer, run about 25 meters back the way I came, and log back onto the server. Once back in the server we had not been informed of any negotiations that were going to occur so I move to a treeline where I can see the barn and begin to take shots. This is when I hit Chuckie when he was standing in the open from me and Blitz was concurrently shot. I wait here a minute or two longer and come to the conclusion that they aren't dumb enough to peek me again, so I started to move around the edge of the treeline, looking for an opportunity to get closer to the barn. I ask Dusty if he is willing to go with me and when he says yes I rush down and tell him to come along. We arrive on the wall and we start looking inside the barn, assessing their positions and fortifications inside. All the while, Pat is able to kill two of their over watch in the southern treeline and Shadayo is shot through the door on the south side. I take a few pop shots into the building every once and a while to see just how invincible those boxes were and eventually decide that we aren't going to get these guys out and will just eventually just be shot in the back. It is at this point that Pat spots a man with a green mountain bag running up to the barn through the field. Seeing as he had no weapon in his hand, I re initiated because the guys were fighting had white armbands. He complies and I have to tell him several times what to do, at which point I see two more people rushing up (I assume his friends) and they have their weapons drawn and have heard shots going overhead. I use this justification that they are completely aware of the firefight and rushing the fight with their weapons drawn and spray both of them down, tanking several sniper rounds from the trees somehow as well. While I am bandaging I am informed that the guy I ordered to the wall is trying to run away so I tell Dusty to just shoot him in the back, which he does. When I am bandaged I tell Dusty that I am going to get some saline and then spray their block with the Draco. Dusty fills me with the saline and I remove the stock from my AK, proceeding to rush in, and spray their block with the Draco, killing one in the process. I wait here a moment and see a head through a crack on the boxes, so I shoot it through the edge of one of the boxes and he falls unconscious,at which point I am simultaneously peeked by a guy and he gets a head shot on me.
  13. Best bet those fireworks were lit as fuck.
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