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  1. Since KoS rule states the player should be left in a state of probable survival, i feel as if putting a bag over ones head, cuffing him in pristine handcuffs isnt really following this rule. I know role play over rule play but leaving someone with a black screen to tap A and D until either key breaks is problematic. Whats the admins word on this?
  2. No. I really dont think they put too much thought into it anyway and i survived in the end so i dont see a point in disrupting their play. They'll probably see this thread and think about some ingame consequences of the thingsthey do. In the end its RolePlay not RulePlay nor RePorted.
  3. To go a little more in depth of what happened basically i was in the police station at gorka, found someone and robbed him. He complied all fine but when i left the building i see 2 people infront of the building opening fire on me as if they knew exactly what was going on. I hid in a room when they were yelling me to come out with all my gear dropped. Yadda yadda yadda they left me handcuffed out the front of the building with no gear whatsoever in my clothing, broken legs and with a burlap sack on my head. After about 7 minutes of constant A and D i broke free but crawled around the town for another 20 minutes to find something to make a splint out of. During all that time i could have easily starved or been beaten to death by a zombie. @Shanoby i think you met the group of people i've seen. The only real issue i see with this is the fact they left me with broken legs and no means to fix it, in bad health/already very hungry after i broke free and pristine cuffs which take a long, very boring time to break out of.