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Frank Anderson

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    Hello there :3


    1. Ghost of Levi

      Ghost of Levi

      why hello there 

    2. Spartan


      Oh god, it's alive :o 

    3. Ghost of Levi

      Ghost of Levi

      oh no not this guy

  1. Frank Thompson

  2. Miscreated Discussion

    Where do i whitelist? Did i miss something?
  3. Ohh yes.. Donny, Leonard and Murphy West.. you guys are great! Loved every single bit of the RP! Amazing! Sorry I had to go!
  4. Jackfish's Media Thread

    Looks good! Great to be back again!
  5. Jackfish's Media Thread

    Sweet Pictures Jack! Do you edit them in any way?
  6. So are you still gonna protect me or?
  7. A triumphant return!

    I've always been a fan of the series in the mod! Welcome back!
  8. Exile Teaser

    Looks good! that CoD: zombies music maan <3
  9. Message to the UN [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *While eating his dinner, Frank heard the transmission on the radio* This is Frank Anderson.. Are you guys still alive? I thought everyone died back then.. I'm not sure if you remember me but I came to Chernarus with the UN and a couple other scientists in order to find a cure and stop this madness.. However you know how things went back in Zelenegorsk.. all our research got burned.. I was promised protection from the UN.. but it didnt go well and we had to go our separate ways.. for 8 months I've been living under a rock, just hiding and.. surviving.. in peace.. Anyway do you know if Jack Fisher is still alive? *As Frank stops talking, gunshots could be heard in the distance*
  10. Soo.. What about Trump?

    [video=youtube] Heard about this one today.. Its kinda funny
  11. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Zero fucks given 10/10
  12. Dating Sites: Useful or Not?

    Well what can i say.. I met a girl on tinder 4 Months ago, and she is now my girlfriend