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  1. ZakTurbo

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Dem rays doe
  2. ZakTurbo

    The Mauser Red 9 Handgun

    Do you think this will need a stripper clip to work? Because the Mosin doesn't. #NoMagNeededHype!
  3. ZakTurbo

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    Sometimes...I dream about cheese...
  4. Same thing happened to me, expect I was wearing my m65 jacket and vest. wtf lol
  5. ZakTurbo

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  6. Dmitri 3/5 typical Russian name Chernosk 5/5 can't even pronounce it I r8 8/10 m8
  7. ZakTurbo

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Lotta good rp with a bunch of people up at the refuge, had loads of fun
  8. I'm personally loving it, despite the fact that the A.I. still needs work etc. It's a step in the right direction. It's the first time I've genuinely been intimidated by a zombie because lets face it, even the best role-players struggled to act as if zombies were an actual threat...Because they just weren't. Post-patch, when I'd hear/see a zombie and I'd just sigh to myself as they were a mere irritation but now, when I see one I'll desperately think to myself whether I should avoid it or kill it, then how - Or when I hear one it's much more: "Scheiße! Wo-Wo-Wo?!" as I feel genuine concern/fear. I now have an actual motivation to stealth around. There's no denying they're far from finished but like I say; definitely a step in the right direction, very pleased with this change. The loot on the other hand... I understand what they're going for and I'm all up for it however, it's currently immensely broken. There's no logic to where loot spawns now, what-so-ever - I'll be finding full-blown military gear in residential areas and damn Canvas Pants at Helikopter Crash-sites... I believe there's many more changes to the loot spawning that needed to be made before hand and that this should have been taken care of in a different manner. Overall, I think it's a decent update that shows they're heading in the right direction with the development and they're putting thought into the difficulty of the game now. I think unfortunately, a lot of you have grown to be a little too soft - No, this isn't some immature jab like "urmagawd! u guyz R such neewbz! puzzyz be reel men!" but I do feel you're all so used to zombies being these mindless side-irritations that now the supposedly main part of the game is an actual threat; everyone's complaining. It's, slowly but surely, turning into the hardcore/realistic Apocalypse simulator I've always wanted it to be - And I'm loving that! Defo! We've all been spoon fed since the game came out and it's actually a challenge. Woot woot!
  9. I'm pretty sure I read something about a hotfix occurring. I was playing last night and the night before, and the "no food" was pretty real. They may have fixed it, hopefully. I guess that's the spirit! Lol
  10. I like how hard the game is now thanks to 0.55! So put on your big boy/girl pants and get stuck in. Anyone else feel the same?
  11. Trading is a bit to risky atm. You don't know if the item you drop will disappeare because of this new loot cycling system.