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  1. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/o2-FkOeU7jeDkDhmHSN0jCNXEdykfgmGstMRYXk3IY7IcUouispEelC2oiD7BsAQmAWxNPibzqGbfOLjKUEl6ffJuZeVzmbJzyHoI7O1FHdZHqmWUVoLozgx8rm_6qidJ2RMKusn[/img] *STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS- GRAPHIC DESIGNERS ARE CURRENTLY CREATING THE LOGO AND PICTURES* [mp3]https://puu.sh/qaTu4/5c13233495.mp3[/mp3] Long have oppressive groups reigned. Not for much longer. ‘The Horizon is always there, watching over us. And although it may have clouds in the way of it, or trees obstructing it, it remains. The Horizon is the protector of Chernarus, it never sets down, it always remains above the hills, even at night you know not to fear, as it is watching with a keen eye. We are The Horizon; And we don’t take kindly to Freedom-Breakers’ https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/fPOFVj7kbcTQx9ljAUkZnxeR5WKGAkyzIUCU_w9Tom55EKQ2uqv7Tg1q5JwddwKS7gnliATNzk4lef2a2HT2zWzFnt5jgTSUPeSVvX1lK6qtM6oiFl4S9kKeuTcw7FgYHqthUQbU[/img] https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/w3tBiBxVEjT9UL4Us4XcH6EhUH6whBnii9-kX8vOZ-MrTuLJx6HCutyPREXEuqirlF7P3EjQ2AWyU7FjycrlIxlhhUsV81B6YT8IDp79oXsLoUbPzL1w7n39YHEi4bvCyeoIdYcH[/img] -To Liberate and Protect Cities and Towns in Chernarus in the name of Freedom -To show the world that Freedom will reign supreme -To Exterminate any Corrupt and Greedy Centralised powers or Authority no matter what the cost -To recruit Freedom fighters and make allies to sustain a utopia for future generations https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nE_808utRq-zh9hz1dc-rLziRNTcC_YXctDmOipCgl9GS_VOA13Y5gk8BtLB9NkYCXe_uaxWO5DxxEBaYHsBcTv8Dd04ILPEWXXIlTH8b7iEfMlpXx3Xy9bnqfSHDQXYVlHN0sde[/img] -To bring the very unnoticed ‘Chaotic Good’ side to fruition -To provide a very new type of RP by acting as a rebel-type peoples movement https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/sMLFCLeiezrE6A9L2vdEw21vRhw2dAJS9OnNEAadYAj8D0ZJO5KSHX37pLDKBd2cKMD1zuFq3r0VqyR_jp4-8X8-qnxu01q7gkfseiQJhzKHklyrvlbT7_hQ10u_DS75WQ0Skdhz[/img] https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/UssvFDPV726kLSPfVH-GifHqAv5IjRNJs1P7sxPFLYv3oTL4F-NdesApxYweMRReqMSbj-_2RbGgteUPFEPjTEBpPE06WSiMZVLmLW2w2dsPXK3SXyCeU_UAwPMJtlAb3w7Fk6hs[/img] https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/aeDj5pW1FXALf-KahzbwidFXg7RK9d7m73_i9F1a49-HS0jlG0N_AvZli33d1PlnhzQMq5CXwm5yhmygV2A45Bej5L4tOEZSm9MyZnOq-7_Jq8gKoipAltjbqh62nnkdy0_vwlpO[/img] -The Paladins -Auxilium -The Remnants https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/FsCYXAcYhkjhQDaScNA8WrR_7dOWh2v0as7pwUrqtlZ14oQDDrlOQ5FzkjLYHXjREwmtgFJJSpCTk1ZAnyIdZXQHCMrq7U5e9NlYv9m0f3L-GXEsq_FDiuxiQvQeAoE74b8mB2Kr[/img] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/SfQotjM-hGalUeijGvTa40AY6cCN5hXVy_z8TT_367s1hFrTggqPI529u52rxWWrbAiv1RJ7tVzBqaefeU9BczkV1BhhEvf8vKQ6fpKXyghPX25IfFPJEtENxkp5exRB-nYigLEF[/img] -The Kingdom -Black Panthers https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/wzzgZBTwXv9OCDXiUqMO78lYbpW8Qb4BEFuVEZBWdpYrWcupv32DeZhQov_CWIhH9NBLSmmoXXUENJDaKWxf5ieDVLkXBDGgtAV8JxCLvHbf_0qI72zZLNnJFqn0FJSoLRHmu6MC[/img] https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/TThmGWxn9SKXdvaScaVzfueH8kYTv7GTO5m2MjR1SORpchR2xYJ5koe9VgTe_DSFin7XzRD56kG0AUeXEih3QIk2Do3KjUV0Ux-ar30WbG7ceGjtXPPdXdDbyQ4Qzj6wAmjcyZLm[/img] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ye0Fk5kH74TEj6yu0tsQfl-YqxuENpmzusk6Ggt2966ewqkIk530bnzBhG8XQ_vkbmlZEeRgiiPiFmvxiVPs-4ZoOHIZ2XNPlEaO1voq9fbb56yIRujZeOp_26qeYq4umuBGpgxX[/img] There are 3 ranks in The Liberators. The Liberators are the main military force who fight for freedom. -Vanquisher (Captain) -Guardian (Lieutenant) -Protector (Private) https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/WXFClfEPjMg8O6b046uq1hcG3H4d3KiEdlm19i8FE24rqDTIUErF8iKRz0mMlIXIuU0RnGvxAauF3IVWgyTdJeG0SGloVsRock51QOSj05n4E-WT5Yd6yhOuAm97Kf4wKdzJpkM4[/img] To be introduced in the future. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/iM5Yk1Sz-kVfNRgyjb8ANUvdPR4YaY6txG2Roz4NO5Z1rhzFK7gaMVDenpVnuf_OLqVwn1BojqBH_4OWRlPyZh6xziUjvAdPLixO7UiVPoYj5dHzChsHiiJ8qG5qOtHVx8w4S3KK[/img] Medics and support roles who aid the civil and military side of the Freedom fighters. -Medic -Trader -Informant https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/XGE2AueqpY3aZ4IWV4AwVRZlY3LvPgaEVcguGjDW-1Xikdv2o2QJCqNPsHoBRsd46Vd_GjEJs34DTj9vezynUpN0dgOSF3woD-pVKx7IZtW5sSD15e3bNw0A3K3xOiP158BCcw-q[/img] “Some may call us Extremists, others, call us Heroes. But there should only be one word to define us: Freedom.” If you feel like you’ve been bullied by other factions within the game then you may want to think about joining ‘The Horizon Movement’. Currently we are small group of in game met community, who have all experienced some form of degeneracy from other groups/factions. We got kicked from cities and thrown into the wilderness. Like I said there was only a small group of us at the time, so we decided enough is enough. We found fellow survivors on our travels, who themselves have been mistreated. Then from that moment onward we decided to band together and form The Horizon. If this relates to you in any way, please fill out this form and send it to 'Talynindigo'.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-RP1-NVFL-Myshkino-Tents-20-02-2016-17-30 Why the verdict is not fair: The original reporters have said in the report that they didn't want us to be banned, but instead use the report as a way of helping us learn from our mistakes (as we were both new) and to set an example to other new people of what not to do. We feel that it isn't fair we were banned due to this. I somehow also feel that the report is barely relevant now. The entire thing happened over a week ago. We have learnt from what we did wrong, and we have even applied what we learned to numerous situations after the fact. We even settled the situation with the reporter, with all of us essentially deciding that we may as well leave this behind. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There's not much more to say. We were both new. We didn't understand the NVFL rule fully. The reporters said that they don't want us to be punished. We all decided to move past the situation, as myself and Grillder learned from it. We have both been playing on the server for a week straight, which means that we have been in situations similar to what happened in this case. We haven't been reported again since, meaning we almost definitely have learned. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: We would like to be unbanned, (although I don't mind if the points aren't deducted). What could you have done better?: Obviously in the context of the report, we could have valued our lives a bit higher. We have already applied a high value for life concept in our newer roleplay encounters.
  3. porridgeoats

    RP1: NVFL Myshkino Tents - 20/02/2016 17:30

    Do any of you have any video evidence to bring to light? Neither of us do, no.
  4. porridgeoats

    RP1: NVFL Myshkino Tents - 20/02/2016 17:30

    Well, I am willing to move past this regardless. I am sorry things didn't pan out in either of our visions, and I will definitely ensure that I stay in RP situations for longer. I wouldn't have had much of an issue if you mentioned in the first post that you weren't actually trying to get us punished, as I agree situations like this help to clarify the rules and are a necessity for a community to function. Again, I'm sorry about how things turned out in the situation.
  5. porridgeoats

    RP1: NVFL Myshkino Tents - 20/02/2016 17:30

    You saw only 4 of us when all 6 of us were around you,plus Don in front? If I backed away when I saw more people approach, I obviously wouldn't see everyone. I didn't stick around for an awful amount of time, and I didn't exactly inspect each and everyone of you.
  6. porridgeoats

    RP1: NVFL Myshkino Tents - 20/02/2016 17:30

    1) I am going to be rude to someone who has been rude to me, especially since my character has reason to despise Chernarussians. Every time my character has been held up in the past by ultra-nationalists has almost always been steered towards him being robbed. My character is not going to stay around a bunch of nationalists, is he? Especially not if he can see he has the potential to be surrounded. 2) Don has literally said "he called the boys down". According to him, it was HIS action to get you lot to come down, so you saying that you made the choice to come down yourselves contradicts his POV. 3) I did say something as I was backing off, as I wrote previously. 4) I only saw ~4 of you, I therefore saw this as almost equal in terms of combat ability due to the equipment and positions me and Chester were in. 5) My character would not stay when he's surrounded by seemingly hostile, and armed, people. 6) Saying that because we both died, we therefore had no value for life is just blatantly wrong. Firstly, not everyone would value their life equally. Dying does not mean we didn't value our lives. For example, my character valued his life to an amount that the risk of dying from retaliating against your hostile actions was worthwhile. It's almost as if you haven't read anything I wrote.
  7. porridgeoats

    RP1: NVFL Myshkino Tents - 20/02/2016 17:30

    Hi, Tomi Kenny is my character. Me and my friend, Chester, were looting the tents. This was when we were approached by a man (we didn't see/ know there was another man in the site). He was asking us what we were doing in his country, asked us our names, where we were heading, and made multiple references to how we shouldn't be in his country. He wouldn't answer any question we asked and was being generally very standoffish. I told him that my character has lived in Chernarus for years, and is just as much a citizen as he is. This is when he went on about "Pure Chernarussian blood" (As he asked where we originally came from, and I replied Finland, and Chester replied China/ Hong Kong), which was when me and Chester started to become less friendly due to him insulting us and denying us information we willingly shared with him. In the end, I said "Enough of this, I am out of here.", and began running away with Chester. The man that approached us then started chasing after us saying things like "Where are you running?" and "Stop, you brats.". We asked him to stop following us and he would not. He then told us that we don't "deserve to be in his country.". This was when I said "Well your country is shit.". This then caused him to be immediately hostile towards us, and was when the others came out of the forest with all their weapons out- I only saw ~4 of them in total before I decided to leave. At this point, I said "Yeah, I'm going to get out of here." and began to run away again. This was when they all started shouting at me, asking where I was going again. One even started to chase after me (the one I killed). Then, seemingly out of nowhere, someone shouted to "Drop your fucking gun and gear on the ground!". This was when the person I killed raised his gun at me. I already had my gun out, and was somewhat covered by some cars/ wall and out of sight from some of the others. This is why I shot him, as they clearly had hostile intentions on myself and I felt that I could take them on, as I didn't know their full numbers. I also didn't know Chester was complying- I thought he had done similar to what I had. Obviously it is possible that 2 could take on ~4, especially since me and Chester had automatic weapons. When I started to shoot the man chasing me, I started to lag/ desync. Because of this, I suspect I may have ran too far out in this period, meaning I exposed myself too much. I did hold my character's life in high regard in this encounter.The reason I started to fight back is because the last time I was held up by a Chernarussian nationalistic group, I ended up on the map border with a broken leg (they did provide morphine and direction, although IC wise, I was lost and had to survive with a broken leg in the wild). I thought this group were a part of Cerna Liska (The group that held me up last time), hence why I was very jumpy, and would rather attack than face the same fate again. I feel as though the information given by the other group has been purposefully lacking context, and doesn't properly represent the situation at all. For example, the OP implies that we just instantly launched into insults, and Don seems to gloss over the fact that 'his small talk' included what was essentially insults against us and that he wouldn't stop following us, even after multiple requests. They also seemed to have developed some sort of telepathic communication. They didn't at all communicate with each other in game, and Don certainly didn't ever get his radio out to talk to his friends in the forest, nor did he do a specific action that could be taken as a signal.
  8. porridgeoats

    The sadness of an empty player count

    I don't play the mod servers for two reasons: 1) I have to download everything and with my internet it'd take at least a day or two. 2) The servers barely have any people on. Personally, I am waiting out for improved building in SA
  9. That looks so much like a blend of the Sako RK-95 and the RK-62. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:7,62_RK_62.JPG http://www.milgear.fi//pictures/2184.jpg Anyway, I'd love to have something Soviet from WW2. Perhaps a PPSh-41 or an SVT-40?
  10. Modding for SA is only going to bring about great things. A great deal of what people want to be in the game will be modded in.
  11. Loot is hard to come by around the coast. My advice? Explore. Every Wednesday, after persistence reset, the loot explosions change around. For example: last week, the loot explosions formed a path from Elektro, to Staroye and up to NWAF (on EU). However, this week the loot explosions have been lessened and the only ones I have seen has been at Vybor Military Base. Usually, player camps adapt to these loot explosion locations so a really good idea for you would be to ask people as they will almost always have some sort of connection to another player who knows where these places are.
  12. This is a somewhat common bug. Almost any multi-floor buildings can randomly damage the player's legs. The damage to the legs can either just result in blood loss, broken legs or death. The main buildings to look out for are: - 2nd floor and up on the firestation - Top floor of the ATC - Stairs on the metal warehouse (The building outside the east side of Elektro) - Any stands/towers - Occasionally the jail/prison building has broken legs and killed people
  13. I fix it when it happens to me by leaving that server, waiting a couple minutes and then rejoining.
  14. First proper time on the server- met up with James Wilson and Detective Mikhail- both great at RP. Unfortunately, Mikhail died on us. RIP.
  15. With persistence, you're going to be hard pressed finding much items near the coastline. Inland is definitely where the loot is at- including guns and bags.