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  1. Izaak Letsky, a man that enlisted with the US Army to help bring peace to the East. With the world's flashpoint tension increasing the UN was deployed to Eastern Europe and Izaak was one of those that was deployed. His mindset clear, to defend those he loved back home. Izaak was one of the first on the ground during the Chernarus land invasion by the US Forces which led in the seize of Chernogorsk. During this time an epidemic was raging throughout Russia that was starting to snowball out of control. As the world seemed to go to hell so did Izaak's luck. During a patrol sweep of Chernogorsk's industrial district he was injured by an HE-Grenade. The explosion caused him to lose consciousness and his memory began to fade until the point where he woke up in a field hospital over near Balota. As he woke up, he was struck by the news that the borders have been closed and all who went into Chernarus were no longer getting out. From that point on order, structure, and discipline started to decay as squads declared independence and went off on their own. Izaak's fate was different however since he was separated from his squad. It was up to him to move inland to find relics of his past and hopefully fellow battles, but the possibility of Russians and Chedaki forces being present grow stronger as you go north. This is Izaak's jounrney, and right now he's voyaging it alone.
  2. Can't wait until they add in the radio station, bringing back radio free chernarus. Playing the hits from the west of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. 93.1 The Bear.
  3. MatchOfEvil

    L.I.F.E [IOPEN Recruitment]

    We have a bus now? I couldn't get on yesterday because of a basketball game then had english stuff to do Yup, it'll be for patients who need a ride or for our team to ride wherever there is a mass kos spree or whatever that we roleplay out whoever is alive and tend to injurys. Kind of like an ambulance but with more room Awesome we'll be able to go to berezino now.
  4. MatchOfEvil

    L.I.F.E [IOPEN Recruitment]

    If you guys quit messing with my tires we can get a truck or sedan up and running. Fuck off "Izaak Letsky's Tire Emporium" I mean we can set tires in the summer camp now since apparently we have a bus. May need a bus driver for our group too ;P We have a bus now? I couldn't get on yesterday because of a basketball game then had english stuff to do
  5. MatchOfEvil

    time to forbid grenades?

    Coming from a player with a particularly neutral list of characters he's played as, lately being a paramedic, grenades are essential for protection. I've saved myself from being robbed by pulling out my trusty M67 or RGD and threatening to pull the pin. No one wants to get blown up, and even though it straddles the line of not caring for your own life, it also protects me because of the fact that the robbers don't want to die. As well, you can't loot a person if all their stuff is blown up. Basically the only way for the robber to pull out ahead would be to call my bluff, and if they do such action it could be considering not caring for their life because they don't care if they get blown up.
  6. MatchOfEvil

    L.I.F.E [IOPEN Recruitment]

    If we did or ever get a truck/sedan we'll change our freq to 99.9Hz or 91.1Hz Thanks for the idea andy ;P If you guys quit messing with my tires we can get a truck or sedan up and running. Fuck off "Izaak Letsky's Tire Emporium"
  7. "2. Killing on Sight Definition Killing another player must always be justified by the role playing and the actions specified in this rule; there are several situations where you can kill another player: You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance." I just want to point out the part about having to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it.
  8. I was at the bottom of the mountain, when I heard the person yell everyone in the compound I was about 100m from the fence. It'd be equivilent at telling a guy in the cherno fire station to drop his guns or he'll be shot and then turning and shooting a guy over half way down the long straight stretch that runs in front of the factory. I wasn't initiated on, i never even made contact with the person(s) that shot me. So therefore they didn't initiate on me.
  9. Server and location: S2 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:30 Daytime or Night-time: Night Time Your in game name: Izaak Degenaer Names of allies involved: none Name/Skin of suspect/s: nothing Suspects weapon/s: Possible Winchester? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was walking up to green mountain when I heard someone in the compound yell "Everyone in the compound drop your guns and get on the ground." So while i was still on the road I turned around and started running away when someone shot me and instantly dropped me dead. I wasn't initiated on because I wasn't in the compound. I was just shot towards the bottom of the mountain from up the mountain.
  10. MatchOfEvil

    [S2] Killing of Compliant Hostages

    I, Izaak Degenaer, take full responsibility of the killings. I don't want to see anyone else here getting in trouble over the initiation because of me. Alex shot Kyle only because he demanded him to put his gun down, I wasn't responsible for that but the other 2, I take full responsibility. BostonDonut didn't kill anyone or initiate with KoS either.
  11. MatchOfEvil

    [S2] Killing of Compliant Hostages

    Their group was acting very hostile towards us, continuously telling us to F**k off, go f**k ourselves, and at one point up on the tower one of them said "We'll f**king shoot you if you don't get your nose out of our business." But when the initiation began, I was standing in the back near the administration building when Alex initiated. The guy that remained alive after the whole thing immediately complied and put his hands up. There was a guy in a white motorcycle helmet that began to move away when the initiation began and I shot him 1 time in the head because he was running away from the initiator. The other man, Hellish didn't drop his AK with the drum mag and I jumped on it because he was staring right at me with his gun and I also one shot him in the head.
  12. Well it's been decided, I'm just looking for a crew in game. After that, I'll post it in the groups forum. Thanks guys, I'll probably see you when your faction comes to take us over to spread propaganda
  13. MatchOfEvil

    [SA] Show us your character!

    To be fair, it gets old real fast. Not to mention it's nice to see multiple roles around Chernarus instead of the old "Ex-Military." Like the other day I met a medic dressed in all scrubs and that was cool to see.
  14. Just because of the Do It! GIF I'm gonna Do It! lol thanks @Jack Allen