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  1. Growing up is never easy. The hardships of these times make it almost impossible. As a kid we had to fight for our lives. Watching our loved ones torn apart right in front of our helpless eyes. It's easy to forget who your family is when people come and go faster than days in the week. I learned pretty fast that life is survival of the fittest; every man for himself, at least that's what I've come to know. I spent years fighting for every last breath I took, and nothing is going to stop now. I spent years wandering around the Wastelands in search of peace in search of something more. I finally found it. we formed a small group of people who were determined to live through this hell. One night our tribe got raided. I hid alone. Through the sounds of fire and screams I overheard the raiders talk about a place called Nyheim to the north. The way they spoke of it... full of hope, freedom, peace... the happiness in their voices. It filled me with a boiling rage. How could they talk about paradise when murdering my people? Those animals! After the smoke settled and I assessed the damage, I searched for survivors. Unfortunately, everyone but myself had perished. Just another day on this wretched planet. I set forth on foot North I was determined to find those bastards that took everything from me, but truthfully I went in search of peace...
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