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  1. Born in Salisbury UK his parents divorced when he was a toddler and he relocated to the South West with his Mother. Living on the coast Nate grew up with a love for the ocean and learned to sail at a young age. Reaching his teenage years Nate's penchant for risk-taking was already evident. As he got older his behavior became more at odds with the schools and local Police. Narrowly avoiding juvenile detention he knew needed to change and at 18 quit school and joined the Royal Marines. After twelve years as a Royal Marine with several active tours of duty, Sgt Nate Hardy left the Marines with full honors as a decorated hero. Stepping into civilian life he was ready to pursue a desire to sail around the Mediterranean. One month later he began living his dream... one week after that, the world fell into chaos. As the virus spread Nate grew more and more cautious about contact with others. Relying upon his skills as a mariner and survivalist he kept to the ocean as much as he was able. Only setting foot on land when it was safest to do so he scavenged and hunted for supplies in more rural locations. As borders shut down and supplies became harder to get he headed into the Black Sea. Keeping out of harm's way from the infection was the easy part. With fish, rainwater, and infrequent coastal land scavenging Nate was able to ride out the apocalypse in relative comfort. Like all good things, however, they come to an end. Nate Hardy's hopes of riding out the apocalypse on the ocean ended one night at the end of several AK assault rifle barrels aimed at his head. Unsure if it was more modern Pirate humor or a their sadistic game as he was told to 'walk the plank...' well, more like jump overboard, but it was better than the solution their rifles presented to him. Treading water was nothing new, but watching the Pirates sail away in his yacht and not being able to do anything was. Focusing back on survival as the cold sea waters threatened to numb his body he rapidly turned his pants into a life vest and began swimming to the moonlit coast of Chernarus, his nearest hope of survival.
  2. 7 Years British Army, been out for a while now but have used my experience and training to move to the USA as a Private Security Contractor and instructor in Defensive Tactics and all the fun stuff without the screaming SGT's Good luck with joining up, highly recommend it. Any idea what you want to do in the Army?
  3. Sounds like the same reason Zombies can one shot us sometimes due to bone damage.
  4. SGT. Hunt quirks a brow as the broadcast transmits, taking his finger of the frequency scroll he brings the radio closer to his ear to listen. “What the f***?”, He thought to himself as he listened to the SRR broadcast then keying the mic on his battered talkie he transmits.. “Sierra Romeo Romeo this is India 93 actual, Copy over?” releasing the mic he waits for a response, after receiving no work he keys he mic again. “Sierra Romeo Romeo this is India 93 nothing heard, if you’re hearing this you are on open channels…this is 26903593 SGT. Hunt, British Army, you copy over?”………
  5. Personally I am used to text RP and am just getting used to voice RP, however I ran into someone when I first started on DayzRP and I had a mic issue who was pissy about me being on a RP server using text RP so thought it was frowned upon here, so I got my mic fixed pretty quickly. I am glad there are text RPers out there, as I get used to voice RP I like to use text to denote emote RP actions that cannot be imitated in game, as for the anti-text RP players *Shakes his head slowly and emits a disapproving sigh*
  6. Recently on the EU server, stopped to RP with a couple guys at NWAF, was a bad lag day for me in game and didn't realize I was still holding a pistol. When they saw the pistol they raised weapons and told me to drop the weapon and put my hands up. Bad time for lag spike and game freeze, I heard them count down but could not do anything. Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt. Opened a can of Pipsi to drink on the top floor of a jailhouse. Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt. Back in the early Alpha days when you had to drop a med kit to open it I dropped it to close to Zombie I had just killed to get a bandage and the Zombie de-spawned with the med kit and had nothing on me to tear into rags. Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt. Before you could drink from ponds I was running to beat the dehydration death, just as I knelt at a water pump. Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt. “Hey stranger, you need any help?” Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt. “Ok the town looks clear lets head in” Back on the beach with jeans and T-shirt.
  7. [align=justify]“Day 3. I have acquired a map and compass and am currently heading north, currently bunkered down in Novy Sober. My resource procurement has been successful, I have swapped out the Soviet SKS for a Mossin and long range scope which allows me better distance reconnaissance effectiveness of areas before I approach. In addition I found some serviceable military grade equipment in an old barracks and am almost back to full battle rattle. The trek north has been long and the conditions are harsh, never thought a place could have more rain than England but it’s almost a constant torrent here which slows progress. At this time I am traveling across country mostly at night to avoid attention and maintaining light discipline which makes drying off and maintaining my core body temperature a constant battle. Come sun up I am going to explore Novy Sobor for food and resources before heading further north. I can hear the infected from this shack I am holed up in on the outskirts of the town, I plan on experimenting with noise distraction to get around them.” [align=justify]“Day 4. I am bit, fucking infected are like heat seekers when they sense a warm body. The noise distraction worked for a while but they somehow picked up my trail and if I didn’t know better could swear they tracked me somehow. I have holed up in a farm house for now, contemplated eating a bullet rather than turn into one of the infected but decided to ride it out, I have heard rumors a small percentage of the locals have a natural immunity, never know, may be lucky…..” [align=justify]“Day 6 It’s been two days since I was bitten, the bite is sore but clean and uninfected but better still it looks to be healing up well and I have yet to exhibit any cravings for human flesh, even though my stomach is screaming for food. For now at least it appears I dodged the bullet and have some kind of natural immunity so time to abandon this hole and get back on mission. According to the maps I have found there is a military airbase not far from this location, may be a good place to recce for supplies after I have found myself some food, may have to brush up my hunting skills for some meat and protein today before heading there.” “Day 7 Airbase proved un-resourceful, looks like the area has been stripped clean by survivors already. I am currently following train tracks east towards Novodmitrovsk. I estimate ETA at the Hospital there by tomorrow nightfall.” “Day 8 Novodmitrovsk Hospital is a wash, the place is smashed apart and there are no signs of survivors in close proximity. If Doctor Ivan Sakarov is still alive I have no idea where he may be. Only option I can think of is to break cover and try to interact with local survivors and try to covertly ascertain if anyone knows him. I have no idea what’s going on in the world at this time, I will attempt to find some communications and link up with Hereford HQ for mission sit rep but I am not pinning my hopes on success. I am beginning to surmise my best course of action now is to concentrate on survival until this ends. Escaping Chernarus looks hopeless and I imagine by now I am listed MIA or KIA so won’t be expecting an extraction any time soon.”
  8. Good post thanks TeZach. I am no noob to RP though I am fairly new to voice RP and RPing in DayZ however I created my character along these same guidelines because I wanted to immerse myself into the RP, sure I exaggerated his back story a little but not enough that I would step out of my own knowledge and experience. I primarily did it because I wanted to connect with the character as an extension of myself and see how I would react in the scenario’s the game throws up opposed to thinking about the RP from someone else’s point of view on how to act. That and pulling of a convincing accent is way beyond my skill level.
  9. Backstory: [align=justify]The steady whop whop of the twin rotor-blades chopping through the air above SGT. Hunt reminded him of his early Army days in 16 Air Assault Pathfinder Group. It seemed a lifetime ago, though it was only 5 years since his SAS selection. A sudden clanking sound reverberates through the bay of the chinook snapping him back to the present, a slight frown crossing his brow as he looks out of the small port side window down onto the Russian coast passing him below. “A simple extraction job, snatch and grab the scientist and back to Hereford in time for some beer” he muses to myself, when SIS tell you it’s an easy Op then it means a shit storm is brewing. Looking around the load bay at his team, Jones, the youngest was still wide eyed and grinning back at him with a rookie’s keen anticipation. CPL. Handers next to him was snoring like a Trooper, his head bobbing back and forth as the chinook banked its tight turns towards their drop zone. Mather’s sat quietly sharpening his Commando dagger. The clanking noise returned, sharper this time as it echoed through the bay and Mather’s and Sgt. Hunt lock eyes with each other in mild concern. “Mather’s, go check if that’s an issue we should be concerned with” He commanded. With a nod Mather’s silently rose and slipped into the cockpit area of the Chinook. Pulling out a small file from his jacket pocket he scanned over the mission parameters and objectives, taking careful note of the picture of their objective, Hematologist, Doctor Ivan Sakarov. “One man of interest to SIS who requires a extract team from an infected hell hole must be pretty special” he thought quietly to himself, “Must have the damn cure or something” A harsh right bank of the Chinook followed by a sudden drop in altitude bought everyone in the bay to full alert, looking between each other as they muttered some uncouth words about the pilots flying the Chinook. Looking up towards the cockpit SGT. Hunt yells, “Mather’s, what’s the sit rep?” A second passes then Mather’s returns, his face ashen pale as the words “fuck, fuck, fuck…..best buckle up boys, we are going down” _______________________ SGT. Hunt slowly wakes, regaining feeling back in his battered body as he sits up and looks about. His team are gone, no sign of the helicopter. His clothing is torn and ruined and all his equipment is gone. Worse yet, he has no idea where he is but in the distance he clearly hears the groans of the dead, and they are getting closer. ______________________ “Diary of SGT. Nate Hunt, British Army, UKSF E Squadron Day 2. I just found this diary and pen in an abandoned house so thought I better use it to chronicle my activities in the event I ever make it out of here and back home. If I don’t then I hope this will find its way back to Hereford HQ as a mission report. I am not sure what happened to our ride, mechanical failure of some sort I expect but the last I recall was Trooper Mather’s reporting we were going down. All else after that is lost to me. I woke up in the dark, early o’clock, I estimate about 03:00 hrs. On the southern coast of Chernarus. The location of the rest of my team, the Chinook and its pilots are currently unknown and have yet been unable to find any trace of them. My equipment was lost in the crash someplace, I can only speculate I was thrown out of the craft at some point into the ocean and washed up on shore or it went down in the drink. So far the mission status is FUBAR, I am still acclimating to this new environment and the situation, which is chaotic at best. The reports of viral infection turning its victims feral and cannibalistic are accurate, to say the least, so far I have been pursued on numerous occasions by the infected, who are relentless in their pursuit. Luckily they appear bereft of rational thought and planning which makes escape and evasion the best choice. They often appear to be standing dormant until they hear, see or smell the living which triggers their chase response. Their scream is blood curdling and attracts others in the vicinity to the pursuit. Stealth is prudent, especially in urban environments. When the need to neutralize an infected then the quiet use of a melee weapon strike to the head is the best choice as not to draw attention from other infected or roaming Bandits. Besides the infected I have observed several survivor groups in the vicinity, many seem hostile and have turned to banditry to survive due to the scarcity of resources and food supplies. Thank SSGT. Thompson for his survival skills training if I don’t get the chance, never thought I would put them to such use. Other than this diary I have been able scavenge up some warmer clothing, a little food as well as an old but serviceable Soviet SKS Carbine with a few rounds of ammo and a trusty Fire Axe. At this point I am feeling good about my chances compared to yesterday’s marathon running away from the infected chasing me. A pause for breath put me danger close to the rotter’s and the idea of hand to hand with them was not operationally sound. Land nav is proving tedious as I cannot read the bloody sign posts to figure out where I am and cross reference my memory of the English map version we reviewed in Ops Brief. I will be searching for a local map and compass come sun up. My best guess due to size of nearest cities and being on the southern coast is somewhere between Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk. If this is accurate I have a long hike north to Novodmitrovsk Hospital, the last reported location of Doctor Ivan Sakarov. If he is still there and alive, I have no idea how I will be able to extract him from this mess. One plan at a time right. For now my objective is acclimation and resource procurement. Once I am operation affective I will head north”
  10. Greeting fellow survivors. My name is Nathon and I am excited to finally get a chance at some DayZ SA RP. I have been playing the standalone for a while but gave it a break a few months back due to lack of whitelisting and RP but have since returned and joined this community. I am not new to online game RP though must confess the voice RP as opposed to typing is a new element for me, and am looking forward to it, though any advice welcome. Looking forward to meeting you all in game, I will mostly be surviving on the S2 UA server as Nate Hunt and look forward to Rping with you all in game.
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