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  1. Malek Starcc had a rough childhood. Going from one form of guardians to the next. From one accident, to another, being one himself, he couldn't seem to find stable ground. Though through his travels and many new faces he met, he developed an advanced understanding of how people work, think, and act. Moving so much forced him to attend many different schools and meet many kinds of people. Though he never had the money to get his degree, Malek feels like he is meant to be a psychologist. He would always be the one his friends would go to with issues, the one people trusted. After finally saving up enough money from side job after side job, he decided to move to Chernarus to go to school, due to the cost of living being cheaper and tuition being more than 50% lower. He planned on starting in the Fall semester of 2018, but before he could even start to truly begin his summer, the infection hit. He was inn the room he was renting in southern Elektrozavodsk when he first heard the reports. Though he was still struggling to understand Russian, he knew what the panic in the reporters voice meant, and left to find out what was going on. He went around trying to help those he could, while remaining cautious about his surroundings. As the days passed since the initial report, more and more refugees flooded into his city. He heard the horrors told by many of them, nothing like he had ever heard before, about how it spread and how people acted. The following days, a mass exodus was being executed at the docks. He watched from afar, he knew what was going to happen to that many people that close together. He decided to stay and survive with what he had.
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    To SOF-004 [Open Frequency]

    *Dr. Kosmos sighs, putting down his work and picks up his radio, having not used it in a long time, and isn't quite sure if it'll even transmit, but either way he doesn't care.* This is to the man who's voice I've heard more than once, if you can even hear me. You said your name was... how did you say it... André was it? Either way, I could care less, the only reason I would need your name is to know which test tube holds your blood. I see you have a bit of an... issue with your anger. Perhaps, as a doctor, I could work on that with you at a later date. But to the point, we are scientists, we important to this world. And you? *He lets out a slight laugh at the thought.* You're nothing but a simple man with a simple gun, useless and simply an extra to this world, your passing would bring seconds of sorrow followed by lack of remembrance as your friends move on without you, knowing that you were useless in the first place. We do not excel at combat, for we do not waste our time on that technique, with how things work in this world, strength is simply in numbers, something that you have, and that is it. If I do recall properly, we had upset you by hurting a young woman named Harper. I hope we find her again, perhaps this time we won’t leave her with all ten fingers. Stay out of our way. We might just stay out of yours. Though the angry ones are always the fun ones to… dissect. *He tosses the radio onto his desk, and goes back to mixing fresh blood samples with infected test tubes.*
  3. Our leader decided to go completely dark on us, with that being said, I would like this group to be archived. - Asians.
  4. Public Broadcast [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/579e88d7ed96e.mp3[/mp3] We are a very RP intensive group focused on creating a unique roleplaying experience for ourselves and for the community. Our group is an all around unfriendly organization of mysterious individuals who all share the same goal. Our goal, to further our research via any means necessary. We are willing to do anything in order to complete our research before the year 2025. We are a group of scientists, doctors, and security personel here to create the perfect "Specimen" and collect data on the virus and it's effects on the human body. We also have other projects such as "Cloud 4" which we are working on and serum "00194" as well. The Origins of SOF-004 The number station 004, nicknamed the “Lincolnshire Poacher”, was founded in 1978 by the Russian government and was shut down in 1991 at the end of the cold war. The whereabouts of the hidden number station and its purpose was left a mystery to the public. This number station was located inside a secret facility near the border of Russia and Chernarus. This hidden facility was called SOF-004, and its purpose was to create chemical weapons and conduct other unknown experiments. During its lifespan it housed many scientists and military personnel who were all assigned different tasks, however, the staff had frequent changes due to “accidents” and there were always new faces in the facility. The downfall of the Soviet Union With the Soviet Union collapsing, the facility SOF-004 was supposed to be shut down. Officially the facility was closed, locked up, and the experiments and research destroyed. However, an official in the Russian Government wanted the research at the facility to continue and so he lied in his report to his superiors. That same official had ties with a few like-minded individuals and he convinced a few of these powerful people to fund the research being done at the facility. These private backers supplied the staff at the facility with a lifetime supply of GP5 masks, food, water, experimental subjects, and everything else they needed to conduct their research. After the remaining scientists and staff working at this facility received these shipments they were locked inside the compound until the year 2025. Their orders… create a chemical weapon capable of mass destruction and loss of life. And the creation of a serum capable of making anyone obey a direct order. The men of SOF-004 and its private backers continued to keep in contact with one another through encrypted broadcasts over their hidden number station, the "Lincolnshire Poacher". The current status of SOF-004 The men of SOF-004 continued their research up until the year 2014 when they lost contact with their private backers. After a year of silence the men of SOF-004 decided to leave the compound and investigate the reason behind their loss of contact. A security team was sent outside the compound to survey the situation and make contact with their backers. After a few days the security team returned and informed the scientists and staff at the compound of what they had seen. Soon after realizing the condition of the new world the, Head of Staff, Head of Research, and Head of Security came together and made a unanimous decision. They decided to give all their personnel a new order in regards to the amazing new situation at hand. The personnel were ordered to continue their research and await further contact with their private backers, however, they were also to begin conducting research on the infection. And so the staff of SOF-004 began collecting test subjects and conducting research on the infection in hopes of creating a serum that would make any normal human “immortal”. This group of determined scientists and staff has remained anonymous and mysterious to the public for the past year. The scientists have in this time been capturing foreigners and locals alike and experimenting on them using the “Cloud 4” chemical weapon, serum “00194”, and samples of infected blood. The research teams at SOF-004 have begun to learn about the effects of the infection and how it initially takes over the human body. After a year of collecting test subjects in the Northern area of Chernarus the Head of Staff decided to issue an order to allow scientific expeditions to continue further South because of the dwindling number of test subjects in the Northern area of Chernarus. After a long year of collecting new Security personnel and data on the infection, SOF-004 has begun moving its operations further away from the Secure Operating Facility and now inhabits the Black Forest and its surrounding towns. Re-establish contact with our backers through number station 004. Continue researching and developing “Cloud Four” and serum “00194”. Begin collecting infected test subjects in order to further our new research and develop an “immortality” serum. Investigate the newest strain of immune humans and collect DNA samples for further research. Maintain, Secure Operating Facility 004, through any means necessary and ensure the survival of the original staff until the year 2025. Invoke fear into the people of South Zagoria. Obey your superiors Keep OOC to a minimum Never break character Always have a GP-5 mask on hand _________________________________________________ The Coyotes The Party Entertainers The Unchained __________________________________________________ Pavel Fedorov N/A N/A Aldrin Von Krieger Alfred "Pol" Nowakoski Dr. Ogurtsov Shnikov Dmitri Kosmos Jason Taylor Josh Green Bruce Adams Luvmonkey Gamez William Blake Evan Richards Tristyn Hudson Brady Barns Sammy Sullins Edward Greenie If you are interested in applying to this group then please fill out the template below and PM it to KingWill on the forums. And if your interested in seeing what sort of fun and cool things we have done in the past, why don't you check out our official Media Page down below! Official SOF-004 Media Page
  5. About 33 Asians

    S1: RDM, Possible Metagame in VMC Hill - 13-07-2016, ~6:30

    Daniel Hardcastle POV: Prior to the whole shootout, a man, now known as Jack Rabbit, had approached me and my friend Will, we talked for a short while, and then heard shots in VMC, we learned these shots came from a man that my group had held hostage for a short time prior returning and gunning down one of our members, only to be shot shortly after. This led Will to investigate, leaving me alone with Rabbit. Feeling alone, and having heard shots, I inform my group I may need help, and to keep comms quiet. I tell Rabbit that it is no longer a safe place to be and that he should go. Then I see a man with his gun up approaching and I tell my group I need help immediately, then am told to drop my radio and I comply. My group knew my position, on top of the hill south of VMC, and they run all around the hill in to see what was going on. The man who had initiated on Rabbit and I walked directly south into my approaching Allies, and goes to approach them. Seeing my chance, I run west, leaving behind everyone. Shots ring out, and I come back to 5 dead, 3 Hostiles, and 2 Friendlies. In regards to the whole issue, after having watched the video, I think the man that killed Rabbit had reacted too fast, and failed to give Rabbit enough time. I shall let than man speak for himself.
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