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  1. To SOF-004 [Open Frequency]

    *Dr. Kosmos sighs, putting down his work and picks up his radio, having not used it in a long time, and isn't quite sure if it'll even transmit, but either way he doesn't care.* This is to the man who's voice I've heard more than once, if you can even hear me. You said your name was... how did you say it... André was it? Either way, I could care less, the only reason I would need your name is to know which test tube holds your blood. I see you have a bit of an... issue with your anger. Perhaps, as a doctor, I could work on that with you at a later date. But to the point, we are scientists, we important to this world. And you? *He lets out a slight laugh at the thought.* You're nothing but a simple man with a simple gun, useless and simply an extra to this world, your passing would bring seconds of sorrow followed by lack of remembrance as your friends move on without you, knowing that you were useless in the first place. We do not excel at combat, for we do not waste our time on that technique, with how things work in this world, strength is simply in numbers, something that you have, and that is it. If I do recall properly, we had upset you by hurting a young woman named Harper. I hope we find her again, perhaps this time we won’t leave her with all ten fingers. Stay out of our way. We might just stay out of yours. Though the angry ones are always the fun ones to… dissect. *He tosses the radio onto his desk, and goes back to mixing fresh blood samples with infected test tubes.*