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  1. Ah right thought nothing user creatable had been added was just making sure No. You can put most things anywhere on the map, just on the ground, and they won't despawn. The buildings or even the shacks have no special quality to them. Thanks Me and a friend were just wondering
  2. But don't they disappear after restart? Also by shack are they already in the world or created and placed?
  3. DivineDesigns

    Cannibalism suggestion.

    I don't think cannibalism would work on RP because someone would just go ''oh I'm a cannibal'' *shoots you then eats you*
  4. How do they manage this with no way to store items?
  5. I was just wondering if it was normal It's fine, I found some tomato seeds now!
  6. Is it normal for loot to disappear sometimes? I found a backpack and stuff then logged out 15 minutes later for a wee wee and when I got back I only had my shirt and baton.
  7. I think I'ma head up into mainland tomorrow when my friend gets online
  8. No, this should be "some players are so friendly." Then there are those who kos... I haven't met any KOS in my time so I'm hopeful atm
  9. I think I have came across 2 Fireaxes which would be the best weapon I have found in 3 hours What has been your best loot from the coast? I seem to find a ton of books so I may start a service where I read you bedtime stories :')
  10. Oh alright, time to get spamming :') (Jokes)
  11. How do I add a signature?
  12. Welcome man! after 3 hours gameplay I can tell you it's a whole different game compared to normal DayZ. The players are so friendly
  13. I get you Thanks for the help! (again)
  14. So are we allowed to speak OOC in TS about meeting somewhere so long as we RP in comms? Yeah that's what we did the only time we brought it up was OOC because it was funny how I died EDIT - Because we are wanting to stream and don't want to get banned for speaking OOC in TS about meeting Will try that out and see how it goes, Terrance has a walkie talkie currently!