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  1. Great experiences , unexpected consequences and unfiltered violence. its been awesome roleplaying with this community so far, looking forward to my next interactions.
  2. A forest dweller by nature, his life once still and void of stress. Good things never last, only tough people last and it was with one faithful summer that brought change to Filipe's existence. Though he lived in a small shack he wasn't completely alone. On this day it would have marked 4 years since he had taken it upon himself to take care of a sick child that he had found in the border of the woods he called home. this child did not speak and was accentually fully dependent on Filipe. This day would be the one where Filipe has to say goodbye to his only companion. whatever affliction plague
  3. if i make a new charecter how do i resubmit the white list application and change it to the new one
  4. I stupidly forgot to add a last name for my character as I had to rewrite everything. I would like to change it to "Filipe Elias" if possible, sorry about the mistake.
  5. looking foward for some good rp, i have a pretty barebone charecter compared to ones i had before since im looking to grow with the server. please fell free to respond ill have a look at your charecters to see what variety awaits me (no meta gaming ofcource haha)
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