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  1. DanielsTV

    Meeting both sides. Perma/Dynamic

    I'm not saying we need it, but forcing people to not play their characters for a week is just dumb and would require character approval.
  2. DanielsTV

    Meeting both sides. Perma/Dynamic

    No. No half way, implement a perma rule or don't. Either way, I think we should have characters be approved to avoid cookie cutters.
  3. DanielsTV

    DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    I really like how this lore actually outlines a lot of aspects of the outbreak that allows people to make characters more realistically. Ex: The emphasis on certain industries that thrived after the war and the explanation of how NATO and doctors got into the country. I'd like to ask one thing though: Could it be made clearer as to when communications went down, along with the power grid and television, etc?
  4. DanielsTV

    New Permadeath rule

    I fully support this idea. It's been talked about many times before and I always +1 it, but normally it gets outvoted. Can we get a poll? It seems like support for this is pretty high and if we could get this implemented before the lore wipe that would be good.
  5. DanielsTV

    Anti - telepathic communication rule

    I'm down for implementing this, but I'm not confident it will have that high of a success rate. I'd be down to do this in game and it gives me motivation to do this when its in the rules. Definitely add a poll for implementing this. If the staff think they are going to have a hard time solving reports of this nature, because its basically going to be word vs word most of the time, then it probably shouldn't be implemented.
  6. DanielsTV

    Make DayZRP great again

    I am totally copying Static's format here because I feel almost exactly the same way. 1) Remove dynamic groups: Absolutely! It builds character and creates RP when you choose to either help or abandon your friend. Most of the time, the "dynamic group" is going to be initiated on as a whole anyways, so getting rid of them will only fix the primary issues with them. Its nothing but a win right here. 2) Require a character page: Another absolutely from me. I want to ask if the characters are going to have to be approved from now on with this addition? I sure hope so because it will definitely get rid of most cookie cutters and alts. I also wonder if it is possible to only have certain character names be able to connect to the server? Ex: Say my name is John Doe but that character isn't registered with the server, so even though I'm whitelisted, I can't join. This will stop people from creating cookie cutters, etc. An easy way to prevent people from playing one character but using a registered name is a simple "check pulse" and a screenshot, so long as you don't metagame it ICly, but use it as evidence in a report. 3) Require character to be in a faction: No, it simply doesn't make since and really restricts character creation. I want to have a lone wolf at the start who gradually joins a group and this would almost wholeheartedly prevent this. 4) Require all hostile actions to make sense: I some what agree on this. The 3 reasons you listed are perfect, but I do believe there should be groups that revolve around making enemies and playing the bad guys, robbing to rob (although still leaving victims with a decent chance of survival). I will elaborate more in #6. 5) Group approval/awards: This seems pretty good and wouldn't hurt to add. Although I do suggest having awards for seperate group types and not having awards that primarily cater to one genre of groups (such as hero or bandit). 6) Categorize groups: Yes, but in a different way than listed. I am again copying Static in the Hero, Survivor, Bandit theme. Its a good way to bring back the ole humanity system, but in a different and better applicable way for Standalone. It also doesn't make sense to not have a middle, most people should and will probably be in the middle. I will provide a short example chart for if this exact method is implemented. Something along the lines of that below, although it can be refined further. No flame plz I did this in 5 mins lol. 7) No TS metagame/ IG radio usage needed: Yes! I love this idea and I've wanted it forever. However, there is one problem. Is it enforceable? I know making it a rule will make players more willing to follow it, but groups of people, especially military groups, will most likely neglect it and face no opposition because they will all have each others backs in TS. Call outs are important, especially when PvP rolls around, and I feel that most people will go back to using TS for stuff like that. I'm all for the idea, I just want to know how it will be enforced and whether or not it will allow groups to use call outs in TS rather than call it out in game. 8) Make dying matter: For a second there, I thought you were going to have some sort of perma-death rule. Oh well, maybe later :P. But anyways, I don't see how this is going to actually make people care for their characters. I agree that 10 minutes is too long but at the same time anywhere from 5-9 minutes isn't really a punishment. It will also be unfair when people inevitably lose their spots on the server. I understand it can make people not want to die but at the same time I think its kind of bullshit to kick people off for dying. My argument is weird because I'm claiming that its too hard and not hard enough on people for dying. I think, instead of this, we should just make sure people roleplay out their injuries after death and keep NLR and such heavily enforced. If my group and a hostile group were ready to initiate on each other, I don't think the possibility of getting kicked off for 5 minutes (more or less) would deter this in any way.
  7. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    It can aim at everyone, really. Getting perma deathed isn't the only thing that happens, someone has to perma death you and RP that scenario out. If you keep robbing this innocent group of people and eventually they perm you, its going to be "hard" for them and they're going to have to RP it out (at the execution and within their group) and they will have the satisfaction (OOC and IC) of being able to move on to something new rather than kill the same guy who keeps robbing you.
  8. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    I'd say if we were gonna have a lore wipe soon, then wait until then to put it in. I don't think a lore wipe is coming, a lot of people think it will fix RP (to an extent) and want it, but it seems like the staff really don't want to do it, partly because they feel as if popularity might die, and partly the workload of redoing everything will be high. It might happen, and I definitely want it to, but I don't think its certain. What I do think is that a perma rule will be put in place, and I think that one, especially @Cow's, needs to be put in place, regardless of lore wipe. I think the two going hand in hand would be miraculous and the pair would do a lot of good for actual RP, but we 100% need a perma rule, regardless of a lore wipe or not. By the way, I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees and its not in the current rule that anything will carry over before the perma. If someone has tortured you before a perma rule, you don't gain the rights. It would be chaotic if that happened. So, postponing a perma rule for a lore wipe that isn't going to happen in the near future is a mistake.
  9. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    I think it'd be easy for people to keep track of their own points... we're going to have to keep track of what people have done to us anyways, the point system just makes sure that robbery isn't treated the same as torture, although I can see multiple ways of going about that. I think the point system should be made official, people keep track of their own points and evidence showing that those events occurred (a simple screenshot would be fine for most situations). If they don't have evidence for the event, then they don't get the point on another person. Makes it more viable for people who are the robbers to still rob, but do it more carefully and RP more.
  10. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    Probably the person who wants to kill you. As stated in the OP you have to have evidence of the encounter for exec rights.
  11. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    I think we should do a point system for this, 3 points grant you exec rights. Level 1 - All robberies (robbing you of information, gear, etc) count as +1 point. I would say all initiations, but sometimes people initiate on compounds and let the civilians go free afterwards, no harm done. Level 2 - All robberies with minor physical harm done should count as 2 points. That means someone beating you, kicking you, shooting you, etc count those 2 points. Level 3 - All robberies with major physical harm/torture done should count as 3 points. Anything physically character changing will count as 3 points, immediately granting your victim perm/exec rights. You have to ask to commit physical harm on this level so you will full well know what you are doing when you commit these acts, even if your victim doesn't //i have perm rights I think both Level 1 & 2 offenses should disappear after a certain amount of time, but level 3's should not. Under this system of course, if there is some other one then its debatable on how fast/if they degrade. Level 1 & 2 offenses disappear after 60 days, Level 3's stick.
  12. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    I thought we already had conditions on execution rights? I guess not. Anyways, like everyone else is saying, they should last forever for the individual, and I think if someone tortured me I wouldn't wait 2-3 more times to kill them, I'd kill them when I caught them. As a list for granted execution rights: 1 torture = exec rights 3 robberies = exec rights I'd also like to ask this - what if I'm in a group that is initiated on and the opposing/initiating group kills one of our members (say they had exec rights on him), would we have exec rights on them after that because 1) they aren't just robbing us, and 2) they are kind of "torturing" us with the loss of our friend. Pertaining to groups - I don't think war-time exec and perm rights should last after the war. That makes sense rigtht? I'm sure you mean that in your post as well but it isn't clearly shown to us.
  13. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    Well registered characters don't quite matter if people aren't perma deathing. Its not really needed, even under perma deathing, unless character story abuse comes around, which I doubt it will, at least in the proportions some people say it will.
  14. DanielsTV

    Rule 15 - Permanent Death Discussion

    I don't know man. If perma death were a thing I'd have characters ready to be used, thats just me. I wouldn't want to wait 30 minutes just to play the same character again, especially when some servers can get so full. What I'm saying is that, under a perma death rule, people would either wait 30 minutes to create a new character or jump right back in on a new one because they have them ready. Waiting 30 minutes isn't going to satisfies anyones executions either. Also, can we acknowledge that RP'ers are still RP'ers under this rule. People who RP well aren't 1) going to get executed so often that they have to perm, and 2) if they do die, they will have the will to set up a new character that isn't throwaway. The only people who will make throw away characters will be people who already use throw away alts or have crappy bandito characters in the first place. Under perma death we can make stricter "BadRP" conditions and if someone just keeps making throw away characters we can now, rightfully, have a good defense against him. I really don't see how perma death makes people RP worse. People are blowing the whole "throw away characters" thing out of proportion, the bad RP'ers are gonna be inclined to RP better and not big dick, leading to less throw away characters actually... Like everybody is saying, we can also have other methods to deter or stop throw away characters. I was, at first, somewhat against it, because I want this to be appealing to the staff team (is this DayZRP politics now?), but @Rampage's insight has provided us the knowledge that staff could devote more work to this. I would also like to ask - what is the average workload of loremasters? I feel like having, in addition to other admins and gm's, them assigned to the "character team" would be best. I like this idea of registered characters, it would make it easier for people to make multiple characters and have one ready to be registered or verified in the event of an untimely death... Also, I believe your 3 rules won't be needed. Perma should be under execution (for now), and if the execution was wrongly done to you and reported and it is revealed that you are right in believing you shouldn't have to perma, then the death is nullified and the executioner is punished for RDM/KOS. Its simpler than it seems really, the rules are already in place for protecting perma death, but perma death isn't in yet, how strange.
  15. DanielsTV

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    I believe 0.62 is supposed to be a mix of the patches we've had - mainly internal and engine updates - and updates that we should be getting - weapons, vehicles, server slots, etc. We can't say much with confidence in this game, but this seems to be the general goal of it. I believe a few weapons may be added, along with a bike. They haven't been able to do the bike because vehicle physics have been non-existent, but this update they are on set to add them. The graphical update is about the last "engine" related update we are going to getting, I believe, and it looks hella good, especially now that players can run the game better because of previous updates. I doubt the server slots will be coming, they haven't talked a lot about them and they only just know "fixed" desync on 60 slot servers, so I think if we do get any then it will be 75 and 100 later. The vehicle physics should help with the desync issue as well. We are also going to be getting a lot of animations, even if we don't get all of the animations that they have in mind. They have multiple animations for every little thing now, I think 2-3 for each weapon jam specifically, which is insanely awesome. A little off-topic... The animation team has always been, in my mind, one of the worst teams out of the DayZ Dev team, partly because they haven't had the resources needed, and partly because our animations haven't been that great. They have definitely made a great comeback - the wolves look great and these new animations look greater. Anyways, I think 0.62 will be the stepping stone to finishing the game, truly. One may even call it the door to the beta stage. It should finish up all the internal problems we've had and add some new stuff to feed our appetite. TL;DR (Not confirmed, but very likely) -Vehicle Physics -Graphics Update -Possibly 75 Server Slots -Loads of Anims. -A Few Weapons (Deagle & M249?) -Bike (PlzPlzPlz)