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  1. Thorbjørn was born in Aalborg, in the Northern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. His father was a mechanic, and his mother worked as a nurse in the local hospital. In his formative years, Thorbjørn spent most of his time playing with his friends at the harbour, always seeing the large container ships come into, and leave the harbour. He would always stare at them, as they sailed away, dreaming of one day seeing the world and travel to distant lands, like where the ships were bound. He was always a diligent student, and through his high school years, he would spend most of his time studying at home, even when his friends went out on the town. He didn't get much exercise, and grew chubbier than most of his peers, but the hard work he put into his school paid off, and he was soon accepted into the University of Copenhagen, where he would study medicine. After years and years of studying, he finally earned his doctorate and started practising at the hospital in his hometown, where his mother still was nursing. After a few years of a routinely led life, he one day looked out at the harbour from the top floor of the hospital, just as a large freighter disappeared into the distance. He decided it was time to do something with his life, so he went and joined Doctors Without Borders in 2012 and was stationed in several African countries, as well as brief trips to Asia. It was not until that fateful day in June 2017, where the radio in his small office turned itself on, and a news report, detailing reports of a nuclear blast, put Thorbjørn in a state of shock. As soon as he reached his senses and made his way to his superior, he immediately volunteered to travel to Chernarus, to help the afflicted. He was granted permission and arrived early in August with a few colleagues from Doctors Without Borders. He spent his days trying to aid the people most severely influenced by the blast. In September, when the UN was evacuating South Zagoria, Thorbjørn packed up his belongings and followed on his way out of the country, but as soon as the ambush became apparent, Thorbjørn threw all of his gear and bolted further inland, to be secure from the immediate danger. Ever since, he has spent his time gathering supplies and trading with the friendly-minded people he has met, he would always try to stay out of harms way, and not get too close to anyone who seemed a danger.
  2. Yeah, I know. The video posted above was from my livestream, so you can see everything I did. But I'll tell you what happened anyway. We were at Dichina base and my friend MagicalSnowman died to a glitch, so we decided to meet up halfway from where he spawned at Gorka. We saw Scorch walking around, and we hadn't seen any action in quite a while, so we decided to hold him up and RP with him. I got a little agitated when he kept calling us names whenever we'd tell him to do something, so I'd push him to bark and all of that. When we shot his legs, we were both under the impression that we were the ones shooting, and it accidentally became lethal. (I know this isn't about the death, just mentioning it). I recognise that you might perceive it as bad RP, and we did try to patch him up, after which we would have apologised.
  3. Honestly, the only reason we were pushing you is because you kept disobeying. Yeah, I recognise it was not the best RP, and for that I apologise.
  4. Yeah, I'm kinda tired and in bed, so this is probably not gonna be the longest reply. We didn't have any intention to kill him. We both thought we were the one putting a bullet in his leg, and we fired at the same time and accidentally killed him. Didn't mean for it to work out this way.
  5. Server and location: S1, just outside Lopatino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05-10-16, 19:59 Your in game name: Vlad Kozlov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube] Sorry about the audio. I was passing time as I was cooling off by watching some election stuff on my second monitor. Detailed description of the events: I had just come to Lopatino from NWAF, I was overheating, so I decided to sit in a pond to cool off for a while. After about 10 minutes of sitting around, I'm killed by a grenade. I saw no one and was caught completely off guard. Just to be clear, I had had no hostile encounters in the time I had been on. I ran straight from Novy Sobor to Dichina, to NWAF and then to Lopatino. I met a couple of guys who were friendly, whom I traded with. Nothing hostile.
  6. ParadoxNinja

    S1 - Robbed and killed while logging in

    Theres no way I got that far around the building. If I had got that far I would of been covered from gun fire basically and even if I did move that far on your screen, on mine I was killed right by the fence. You had just walked up on me as well? you were perfectly next to a shed behind me with your gun pointed at me. I dont believe that you just found me then, I think you saw me from the street or something and got behind me because you saw my magnum in hand. I do not.
  7. ParadoxNinja

    S1 - Robbed and killed while logging in

    Your body was out in the street when I looted it, and no, I had literally just walked up to you. Believe what you want.
  8. ParadoxNinja

    S1 - Robbed and killed while logging in

    I had no idea you were just logging in. I had literally just walked up to you and you turned your head to me immediately. And you were in the back part of the yard, not even close to the fence. I took the liberty to make a diagram of the situation. Yellow x is me when I initiated, purple x is you. the red X is how far you got away before I killed you.
  9. ParadoxNinja

    S1 - Robbed and killed while logging in

    All right, so I came up to Alex from behind, when I saw him from further down in Zelenogorsk. I walked up to him and he turned his head at me and I told him to drop his weapon and not to try anything or I would shoot him. And he didn't "run forward". He started running away and went out in the street. He easily made it 20 metres and I started shooting at him and killed him. Edit: And as you can see from the log, he had joined 3 minutes ago. Which should be more than enough for any computer to log in.
  10. ParadoxNinja

    [Active] - The New American Order- [Recruitment Open]

    Nice Albanian flag, guys.
  11. First and best! The others are simply pretenders! We are the true NAPA!
  12. The Militia never ceases to grow! We welcome Pavel Morozov to our ranks!
  13. Welcome John Hex! The newest addition to the nationalist cause!