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  1. Thomas was born and grew up in the semi-rural parts of Northern Denmark. He spent his first ten years living a normal middle class life. He grew up with a caring family, was diligent in school and generally rather outgoing. All that changed as Thomas' parents' love for eachother decayed. When the divorce became reality, Thomas was aged 13 and the conflicts at home had already taken their toll on him. He was shy in the beginning, but after a year or so he seemed normal again. However, Thomas had stopped paying attention in school and found new friends, who turned out to be bad company. Instead of going to school, Thomas would hang out with them and make trouble. He started getting involved in fights at school and comitting small crimes like theft from grocery store. When Thomas' family realised how much he had changed, it was already too late. At the time of his first conviction, his parents hadn't talked to eachother in years. He was charged with assault and that was when he was taken away from his parents. He was taken into municipal custody until he, at age 18, joined the military. He felt like he fit in the military more than anywhere else he had tried. Therefore, he stayed for a couple of years and was even sent to Iraq for 6 months. However, when he returned things were still uneasy and it was much too easy for him to be pulled back to the criminal environment. At age 23, Thomas was told to collect money from a drug dealer along with some friends. The dealer had lost the money (which apparently wasn't the first time), so they beat him to a pulp, called an ambulance and left. After a couple of months, Thomas had forgot about the whole situation, but the police showed up at his door and searched his apartment. A witness had seen the incident and could recognise Thomas. He got locked up half a year later. The outbreak happened when Thomas was on parole. He and some of his friends were convinced that entire Western Europe was too crowded for an apocalypse, so they headed East, and stayed around Moldova and Ukraine for 3 years. After getting in trouble with an agressive group of survivors, Thomas got split up from his group. They had talked of going to the Black Sea next, so his first stop was Chernarus.
  2. Although sprinting while drenched gives you a notification that says you are slowly warming up, it barely has any effect on your body. The warmth you gain is so minimal that it would take hours for the status to change.
  3. First of all, as my friend has pointed out, we ran directly the way you pointed which is pretty much straight north. I'd say we ran for about 3-4 minutes, fearing you would shoot us if we changed our course. Secondly, when we got to the field we looked around for about 30 seconds to a minute before I died on the spot. That wouldn't even have been enough time for me to dry off at a fireplace, let alone craft one and light it. The same would have happened if I got his raincoat, there was just not enough time for my body to get warmed up again.
  4. Server and location: Server 1 in the outskirts of Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not long after 20:30 on December 23rd 2016 Your in game name: Alexandr Markov Names of allies involved: Andrey Seriykov, Martin Andersen Name of suspect/s: Rick Gundersen and 2 others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed describtion of the events: After my friend, @dadingleman, and I had looted a couple buildings on NWAF we decided to leave because it was too crowded. @mka130 joined us on discord and we decided to meet up with him. He was around Berezhino so we headed that direction. On the way there we stopped by Stary Sobor and looted it. After talking to a guy called Eddie we headed further east towards Novy. It rained heavily and I was thirsty (other than that i had pretty much full health), so we planned to look for a place to get some water and get warm. (My clothing was already drenched then, but I was neither cold nor freezing) Having made it about 30 metres into the field we ran into three heavily armed guys (two with fully decked AKM's and one with a fully decked MP5) that looked like typical bandits (face masks, sunglasses and such), who came from Novy Sobor. We introduced ourselves and so did they, with the names Jamie, Glen and Alex. Andrey and I offered them some food and they accepted it. After pointing out that we needed some water and I was cold we said farewell to them. Just as we went behind them, they all turned around, pointed their guns at us and initiated. They took our guns radios and tied us up (I still had a gun on my back and a magnum in my inventory though). As they took us into a forest just southeast of Stary I said that I was getting quite cold and needed something to drink. One of the guys said that he would give me a heatpack, but I said that wouldn't help much since I was already completely wet. A minute or two later the guy who said his name was Jamie asked my friend if he needed anything and he said no (he was wearing a raincoat and was not getting cold). When we had jogged/walked with our hands tied uphill for about 5-7 mins we were told to sit on our knees on a hill (It was about mid-way on this trip I got hypothermia). They asked both of us what our real names were and we complied. I pointed out once again that I was both cold and thirsty and I was given some water. While one of them 'force-drank' me I saw his name in the message box. Unfortunately, my button for screenshotting is the same one as the one that turns off my internet, so I did not screenshot it but after what happened I checked the player list to refresh my memory, and I am quite certain it was Rick Gunderson. They still did nok make a fire for me. They asked us whether we had heard anything of a group called 'Pestilence Militia', which we both hadn't. After taking a few things from us they let us go and my screen was getting really grey. We were told to run straight north for some time and not turn back. As we ran through the field we were taken hostage in i had a quick look for my AKM, which I had dropped . Then I suddenly died, just 4-6 min after we had been released and I ran less than a kilometer. TL;DR: My friend and I met 3 guys that we had a very friendly chat with but they took us hostage. I was cold/had hypothermia the entire time and pointed it out 3 times. About 5 minutes after I got released I died of hypothermia.
  5. Albe

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    Has he actually said these are coming in 0.62? I thought they said in the devlog that are working on it, not specifically designated for 0.62. If so can you link?
  6. Albe

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    I think we can expect the new damaged road textures, the forest density/undergrowth as mentioned by @Buddy, and possibly bits of the new animation system. Also, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they will not add any more vehicles and guns until the new player controller gets added.
  7. Albe

    West World (TV Series)

    Just watched it as well, and I have to agree with you guys! Really looking forward to watching the future episodes, and so far, I love how the setting and story seems so well-considered (if that is a word).
  8. Chernarus is pretty much inspired by the Czech Republic. Oh, I only thought the map was inspired by it
  9. I can't seem to find any explainations to why the Chernarussians speak a mix between Czech and Russian. Can someone please explain this? It seems a bit odd since Czech Republic is so far away from Chernarus.
  10. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJvolyriycc
  11. Albe

    [SZPR] [Active] South Zagoria People's Republic [Recruiting]

    So that's why you joined our enemies?
  12. Wrong with me EDIT: Damn you elektro ;(