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  1. Sergei was born in 02.03.1982 in Elektrozavodsk to a single mother. He is just a normal guy from a major city in Chernarus. He worked as car mechanic before everything went down. After the outbreak he fled to the wilderness and is still living there, sometimes hiking back to the hills just outside of his home city to watch it and remember the good old days. Sergei is a calm and a bit quiet one, so he likes to keep his thoughts to himself and he really doesn't like talking to people if not necessary. Sergei doesn't know where his mother is, so only motivation what is keeping him alive is to find his mother one day.
  2. Suomi perkele. Which means Finland ofc.
  3. Klaus

    Einzelgänger Security [Open Recruitment]

    Did one of you not agree on the same story? Like I didn't come here with this group, but they helped me, I helped them and then I started hanging around with them and then joined the community. That is pretty much my story with this group.
  4. Klaus

    Einzelgänger Security [Open Recruitment]

    Umh, you didn't read right, because I never said anything about cars. And why it would be so impossible to even get to Chernarus with car?
  5. Just to admin to know, I won't make this group so if its possible remove it from here or delete this.
  6. Klaus

    Einzelgänger Security [Open Recruitment]

    Question, is this NA or EU clan? Because looks very very interesting! Name [iC]: Klaus Schultz Selected Role [Einzelgänger Security or Community Member]: Doctor Why would you like to be this role?: Because Klaus was a doctor before coming to Chernarus with Red cross. He learned his skills in medicial university of Bayern. And Klaus isn't a good fighter and is bit afraid of gunfights and zombies, so I think thats why I would like to become a doctor. What can your provide for the community? I can provide high medicial skills and littlebit help with hunting. Why do you think the community can help you? Well Klaus is bit a coward, so he needs his back secured. Thats why he needs this community. Skills: High medicial skills, littlebit hunting skills. Play time: Well I got college/highschool whatever you call it. So I can play enough I think, but when I got testweeks, not too much. Location and Timezone: Finland (GMT +2)
  7. You play on NA or EU? Because it seems that there is like no clans on EU what I have seen.
  8. Klaus

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset again (Standalone) I failed last letter. //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset
  9. If you have the free time I'd recommend you start working on your character's and the group's backstory, thereby you won't have much left to do when the GUID issues are all sorted out. I got my characters backstory pretty much ready already. And like I said my characters backstory is strongly about this group, so the groups backstory won't be too hard to make. But anyways, good advice maybe I should start working on the backstory
  10. Yeah, I will add backstory etc later. But I had problems with my GUID and I'm pretty much waiting for that to happen first so I can start playing on server and then I will make backstory. Altough, my characters backstory is strongly about this group anyways.
  11. Klaus

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset, I put wrong GUID. (Standalone) //Voodoo: GUID Reset
  12. Not yet, but I made my application. Does it have something to do with this post probably maybe? In the mod requirements for making a group you have to be whitelisted before a group can be made; however, it might be different for SA. Good luck with your whitelist & group Ah... sorry mate. Well I leave my clanboard here for admin to decide. We'll se what he says And thanks, good luck for you too.
  13. Not yet, but I made my application. Does it have something to do with this post probably maybe?
  14. Order Hospitaller Sworn to survive Order Hospitaller is about helping people who have possibility to survive. We will go across all Chernarus trying to give medicial treatment to everyone who pays for it. We are neutral to everyone but We will try to Protect ourselves regardless of the cost. "All you need is love" even in Chernarus.