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  1. William Foley grew up with a strong appreciation for nature and the outdoors. From an early age his father would often take him away on camping and hunting trips, spending time isolated from the rest of the world didn't seem all that import to him as a child but would prove invaluable later in life. Years later he would find himself in Eastern Europe on a backpacking trip that would take him to Sochi Russia. On arrival in Sochi Foley got word of the country Chernarus, he had heard of it before back in 2009 during Chernaruses well documented civil war, but in recent years with the new found stability and revitalization of the country from foreign investors it was a tourist hot spot with supposedly beautiful scenic views that just called to Foley.
  2. Yurii Razumovski- Yurii was born in a small village at the foot of the black mountains on December 31 1995. From a young age Yurii was taught the grand history of his people, of the great Tsar's and there benevolent rule over the Russia of old , how there lands were a most gracious gift from there loving monarchs and of the communists that that threatened the Cossack's way of life . It wasn't long before Yurii would see first hand how dangerous the communists could be as war sparked in his homeland in 2008. At only 13 years old he was swept up into a civil war that would leave many dead including his father Alexei Razumovski, the death of his father would be the spark that ignited his burning passion and devotion to his country. In 2014 An 19 year old Yurii was finally gifted the opportunity to show that he was willing to fight and die for his country when heard of the Cossack volunteer battalion heading to Crimea to support there Don Cossack brothers against a Russian invasion, he quickly volunteered and would soon find himself on the Crimean Peninsula. Whild in Crimea Yurii would come to learn a lot about himself, although he was an avid fighter and accomplished sharpshooter he preferred helping people, frequently helping aide the wounded and help keep a general sense of safety in the people. In 2015 Yurii found himself being sent home somewhat uncertain as to what he would do when he got back home. When Yurii returned to his little mountain side village he quickly found the skills he learned aiding people in Crimea would come in handy, being one of the few in his village who knew how to properly treat wounds he found himself working closely with the local doctor Dimitri Turchin who would go on to teach him more about medicine inspiring Yurii to become a doctor himself. Yurii's Dreams of becoming a doctor would never come to fruition . On the 7th of july 2017 Refuges spilled into the town of Severograd where Yurii had been attempting to complete his studies just as his mentor had before him. uncertain of what was going on he quickly returned home to ensure his friends and family were still safe. Yurii would not hear of what happened in Severograd or of its neighboring towns for some time. As news of attacks and Russian bombs slowly trickled into town Yurii would find him self once again ready to fight for his country but wouldn't be able to leave his village for some time as his mentor and best friend Doctor Dimitri Turchin was killed during a raid by the Belozersk People's Republic. Yurii took over as the villages doctor but it wouldn't be long before the BPR returned and return they did. The BPR struck in the dead of night killing anyone they laid eyes on. Yurii and a few others managed to escape as the place they once called home burned. Not long after Yurii would find himself back in south Zaigoria meeting other survivors of the BPR revolution.
  3. Jackson susville was a US marine apart of the NATO fleet deployed to Chenarus. Not knowing anything about what had happened, Jackson and his squad were ill informed of what they were up against, as was most of everyone. Jackson and his squad where deployed onto a mountain near Chernogorsk to act as a look out, which turned out to be the perfect spot to watch Chernogorsk get overrun with infected, confused and scared Jackson's squad leader ordered him and Davis (the squads marksman) to remain on the hill and provide over watch while the rest of the squad moved down the hill towards the first checkpoint near Chernogorsk's eastern road. While keeping the rest of there squad covered from the mountain top, he experienced his first moment with the infected after having been snuckup on while keeping over watch . seeing three men covered in blood walking towards them he tried talking to them getting no response he fired a warning shot, The three men charged Jackson and Davis opened fire killing all of them only to hear the screams of infected coming up the mountain. Davis and Jackson did there best to hold them off until finally deciding to fall back towards the rest of there squad, they both moved down the mountain as they did infected were right behind them recklessly running after them. Davis stopped only for a moment to take some shots at the infected but was immediately attacked by several infected who quickly overpowered him. ---Unfinished
  4. Jackson Susville

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  5. Jackson Susville

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  6. just got accepted cant wait to get started see you all soon.
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