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  1. Jackson susville was a US marine apart of the NATO fleet deployed to Chenarus. Not knowing anything about what had happened, Jackson and his squad were ill informed of what they were up against, as was most of everyone. Jackson and his squad where deployed onto a mountain near Chernogorsk to act as a look out, which turned out to be the perfect spot to watch Chernogorsk get overrun with infected, confused and scared Jackson's squad leader ordered him and Davis (the squads marksman) to remain on the hill and provide over watch while the rest of the squad moved down the hill towards the first checkpoint near Chernogorsk's eastern road. While keeping the rest of there squad covered from the mountain top, he experienced his first moment with the infected after having been snuckup on while keeping over watch . seeing three men covered in blood walking towards them he tried talking to them getting no response he fired a warning shot, The three men charged Jackson and Davis opened fire killing all of them only to hear the screams of infected coming up the mountain. Davis and Jackson did there best to hold them off until finally deciding to fall back towards the rest of there squad, they both moved down the mountain as they did infected were right behind them recklessly running after them. Davis stopped only for a moment to take some shots at the infected but was immediately attacked by several infected who quickly overpowered him. ---Unfinished
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  4. just got accepted cant wait to get started see you all soon.