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  1. (Disclaimer- This is still a WIP and is subject to regular change, updates and corrections.) Childhood Jackson Foley spent his youth growing up in a poor household with a drunken father and a mother who treated him and his older brother like dogs. Drunken beatings were a regular occurrence For Foley and his brother, nearly being beaten to death on several occasions after stepping out of line with his father, but always being saved by his older brother. Eventually at 16 Foley along with his now 19 year old brother moved to Washington state, his brother had gotten a job and a small one bedroom apartment doing anything to keep themselves alive and away from there abusive parents. Years would pass before Foley would hear of his parents again. Military career Civilian life Foley spent the next nine months in Physical therapy to regain proper motor function of his left arm, during this time he would be medically discharged from the Air force and sent home to Washington. From the day he woke up in that hospital bed he blamed himself for what had happened, never believing he should have lived when so many others died. For the next couple years Foley had cut himself off from the rest of the world, keeping to himself believing this to be his punishment for what had happened. Eventually so worried about him Foley’s brother flew to Washington to find him, the man he found was not who he remembered the bright personality Foley once had was gone, he hadn’t just been broken physically but mentally as well. It took time but he was able to slowly bring Foley back from the brink, introducing him to his niece and nephew, and forcing him to get out and do things again like when they were kids. Foley found a love for photography and quickly excelled at it starting a new life for himself and ultimately deciding to leave his old life behind forever, however the ghosts of his past would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. After several years Foley was hired by National geographic as a photographer and cinematographer achieving his new life goal. He spent a lot of time traveling the world enjoying the most beautiful things this world had to offer until one day his brother approached him with an offer, him and a few friends had decided to go on a backpacking trip across eastern Europe. Post outbreak (Disclaimer- This is still a WIP and is subject to regular change, updates and corrections.)
  2. @YourLeftHand @XD @[email protected] Awesome role-play today, shame I had to get hit by a car for it to happen.
  3. Foley

    Radacz pals go to Chernarus

  4. My POV: I was informed that there was a few people rocking blue armbands heading to the base, I took a position on top of the large prison building in the inner compound where my game proceeded to crash . after logging back in I was told to lay down by someone else on the roof as in the time between me loading back into the server someone had gotten over the walls of the compound and sadly not even a full minute of me being logged back in the game crashed once again. I decided to Verify the game files and try again with no luck, I then decided to do a full restart on my pc and logged back in asap. after logging back in and somehow not being shot as I loaded in I was informed that there was in fact two men behind the tents in the center of the compound and possibly two more outside. A member of the attackers group had run out into the open in front of the car tents where me and several others opened fire onto him dropping him, and then proceeded to put a few extra into him to ensure he wouldn't be getting back up and as a bit of an IC screw you ( at that time we believed it to be Noah Russo). We then learned that the other person behind the tent's was still alive, I believe two different people moved in to rush him and I tried my best to get a shot off when he crested the hill sadly do to a little bit of poor communication between the different people involved and me failing to properly ID the target, I did end up shooting Steven Ice twice Instead of Noah Russo. After that there were a few more gunshots until i heard someone yelling over the radio that they had killed the last person and then a few people proceeded to swarm the bodies while the some of us kept watch for any more possible contacts. No video evidence.
  5. sorry messed up GUID upon reentry and need another reset. //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset
  6. I need my GUID changed. // Red: SA GUID Reset.
  7. just got accepted cant wait to get started see you all soon.
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