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  1. Blackwood Militia [BM] (Recruitment Open:)

    Hey, i saw you guys in game last night, hung around with you a bit i was the welsh guy named Matt, i was with the scars at the time, only caught a few of your names met Rose Oliver and the legend Simon.. hope to catch you guys and girl again sometime Matt
  2. Hey guys, was good meeting you dudes near the prison today, im Matt the guy that was in the truck n lent you it to pickup your friend, great RP today.. sorry i went ooc for a lil bit im new to this RPing and didnt notice i did it but ill get better.. anyways catch you guys again soon hopefully
  3. The Renegades [Recruitment Closed]

    Which one were you? we came across a lot of trucks today thanks for the praise also ohh sorry i got you guy confused with another group i thought it was you guys i met down near the prison sorry.. can delete my posts if need be.. but great RP on the youtube video anyways, sorry for the confusion
  4. The Renegades [Recruitment Closed]

    Met these guys earlier (i was in the truck) proper good bunch of guys, and great RP'ers, hope to meet you guys again..
  5. i should go else where man, stay safe! tbh i barely ever find any1 so the first encoiunter i get in days and its randomly getting shot at
  6. Thats great info thanks man, i got shadowplay so it records the last 20mins of footage, so if i get injured etc then ill record it thanks
  7. so what do i do then, if i get killed is there anyway to find out who it is, like checking the logs or something, i mean i only just got there with barely any gear.. thought it was a bit weird just randomly getting shot at on a RP server
  8. im currently playing on USA server 1 or S2 it says in the title, and there some dipshit just firing randomly at me in the NWAF whats the rules on that? can it be done? EDIT: there was no effort of RP at all just randomly started firing at me when i was in the airfield
  9. ohh ok cool yeah i thought i might of been, but just thought it was a bit weird how i havent saw anyone
  10. im kinda looking to be part of a group, but since ive been playing on DayzRP i literally havent seen anyone since i been playing, even in cherno berezino and novo.. so i was wondering where i can find people and whats server is the best to find people
  11. Survivors: Looking For Group

    Country: UK English skills: first language DayZ Mod Experience: i played some of it. DayZ Standalone Experience: i really enjoy SA played 100hrs so far. Roleplaying Experience: i dont have the best RP experience but im learning. What kind of In Game role best describes you: im friendly try to help people out as much as possible, and kill people who shoot at me or my group etc Have you been in any clan/group previously: not on Dayz Additional notes: OOC im just looking for a group to enjoy playing the RP experience with and help out the best i can, as i hate playing solo i get bored. Best way to contact you: skype:a PM on here Backstory: A young successful bar owner from the UK before the outbreak happened, i was overrun and had to escape, i stopped only to look for some supplys, most of my family was infected, i had to do this all by myself and find other survivors surely there must be some out there right?!
  12. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: ( In - Game Name) Matt Tyler Age: 25 Country: UK English skills: first language DayZ Mod Experience: played it a few months DayZ Standalone Experience: been playing the SA for about 100 hours Roleplaying Experience: not alot ill be honest, but im learning. What kind of In Game role best describes you: im a friendly guy likes to help people, only shoot people if we get shot at etc. Have you been in any clan/group previously: yeah ive been in a few groups playing dayz mod and SA Additional notes: nope just hope i can join someone and have a laugh Best way to contact you: on here, forums or PM's best way
  13. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Please can i have a GUID reset i typed cc instead of ee //Terra: GUID reset. Re-enter
  14. Im stuck? help with guid problem

    basically i typed in the wrong guid cause the ee looked like cc on my screenshot, i typed in the right guid and player id on the guid changer thing but its saying wrong guid this is the right guid and dont know how i can get it to work.. i got accepted for the whitelist but when i try to join it says not whitelisted, im so confused lol please help!
  15. Cant find the SA Passphrase anywhere!!??

    yeah thats where ive been looking but i cant find it anywhere haha.. nevermind ill have to keep looking