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  1. Hugo Holm

    (Very WIP) Hugo's mom and dad died in a car crash shortly after Hugo was born. His poor old Grandparents raised him. He got bullied all throughout school. his only real friend was the old tv his grandparents owned. once in a while when Hugo got some cash together he would go to the thrift store to buy old American movies. His favourites were the StarWars trilogy he used to watch them so much the tapes would get worn out so he had to buy new ones. One day on a doctors appointment the doctor found out that Hugo had leukaemia. He was going to start his treatment a few weeks later. But first, the Make-A-Wish foundation had promised him whatever he wished for. So he, of course, wished that he wanted to meet the real Luke Skywalker. He was however not available so they got him the next best thing He got to travel to Chernarus where one of the background stormtrooper actors were filming a low budget horror film. A few days later he went there to meet the famous actor. when he got to the airport he got greeted by the stormtrooper. The stormtrooper took him deep into the mountains where the film was being filmed they were going to stay there for two weeks. A few days later the tension started to rise in Chernarus but since they were so deep in the mountains they thought they were safe. As the days went on it got more and more serious. Most of the film crew and the people in the nearest village started to leave Because apparently there was some sort of outbreak going on but the stormtrooper forced Hugo to stay and help him complete the movie anyway. Until one day it got so bad so it was impossible to leave Chernarus. The outbreak had almost completely taken over the country. Now they had to try to stay alive and get out of Chernarus if they could
  2. The Symptom - Media Thread

    Taking out the super soldiers for a walk
  3. The Paegoon media thread

  4. Great RP with my dad @Steck and his friends @PatZ @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Beni Also my new mum @SnowFlake
  5. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    I will devour your soul
  6. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    Visited Skalisty Island So many raincoats
  7. *Barbro accidentally pushes the PTT button on Joseph's radio when Joseph throws Barbro against the floor* *You hear a female scream, then you hear Joseph yell* COME HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! *Then you hear a loud "thunk* //character Barbro Bagge's permadeath *The radio goes silent*
  8. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    Bylaw 26.
  9. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    Just another Pagan party
  10. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    I don't think my fist is big enough. Can u help me?
  11. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    I guess I just have to punish myself then *wink*
  12. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    It's not a stick! It's my furry little tail! I'm just a bit excited, that's why it's so hard.
  13. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    I'm a sneaky kitten
  14. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    Competing in a swimming competition(I won).
  15. The Pagan Revenants Media Thread