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  1. Taking out the super soldiers for a walk
  2. Axel Berg

    Axel's druggie parents had mistreated and starved him his whole life only feeding on what he could find in leftover pizza cartons. They kept him locked in their apartment with only tv and many books left from the previous owner to learn about the world and his parent druggie friend to teach him to read them. when Axel was reading he could dream himself away to different fantastic places but it would always strike him that he could never have that or so he thought. When his parents got another kid he swore to himself that he would not let her fall into the same fate that he had. So one day when his parents were laying in the bedroom high as kites he snook in and took the sister from her bed and went into the kitchen, turned the oven on and laid her in. the parents did not notice until several hours later when the sweet poor innocent little baby girl had turned into a big pice of smelly coal. His parents angry of despair threw him into the streets. Finally, I was am free he thought After five days of being free, he was snatched up by the police that had been sent after him by the parents And then thrown into the neverending circle of caretakers who did not want a child so broken. One day tho he got to stay but he had to stay for long and these caretakers made his real parents look like the perfect family These new "parent" made him do heavy tedious shores sometimes eat dog food and every night he got tortured with all sort of techniques. after years of living with his caretakers he finally was strong enough to defend himself. He knocked them both out with a clothing iron, tied them up and grabbed the sharpest knife from the kitchen and then he made the man watch his wife when Axel did everything you could do with a knife so that a person feels pain and then he slit her throat. then when the man was lying on the ground crying Axel stomped on his head until it looked like a deflated football Axel then sat beside his caretakers not saying anything until a police knocked on the door wich had been called by a concerned woman who ha heard all the screaming. Axel grabbed the knife wich he used to kill the husband and opened the door and lunged at the policeman's and stabbed the cop until he died. Axel grabbed the cops gun and decided that he would make his druggie parents pay for what they did to him so many years ago. When he got there he saw them with another little baby girl which made him very angry and he grabbed the baby at gunpoint. When he was just about to shoot he heard sirens outside and decided to run for it. He ran into the forest with police sirens after him. When he was jumping over rocks and branches he stumbled and dropped the baby on a rock. The baby looked very injured. So he shot it because he knew that he could not heal a baby on his own without it falling back into his parent's hands He then ran off into the forest and begun his long travel through the world. He knew he could not kill anymore because he knew the cops would catch him but the bloodthirst was always there in the back if his brain craving victims. Until one day the infection hit and he could finally start to kill and torture again and no one would care because who cares about infected? as the months flew past the bloodthirst grew stronger and killing and torturing infected was never the same as seeing the fear of humans suffering and as he got further and further into the lands he saw lesser and lesser cops until there were none where people could be monster and feed upon the fear of others without the ever watching eye of the law. Here he can finally be happy. In the chaotic lands of Chernarus
  3. Thomas Almgren

  4. @Marcoooz
  5. NOT THE BEES!!!
  6. Great RP with my dad @Steck and his friends @PatZ @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Beni Also my new mum @SnowFlake
  7. Nisse Tully

  8. I will devour your soul
  9. Visited Skalisty Island So many raincoats
  10. *Barbro accidentally pushes the PTT button on Joseph's radio when Joseph throws Barbro against the floor* *You hear a female scream, then you hear Joseph yell* COME HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! *Then you hear a loud "thunk* //character Barbro Bagge's permadeath *The radio goes silent*
  11. Bylaw 26.
  12. Just another Pagan party
  13. I don't think my fist is big enough. Can u help me?
  14. I guess I just have to punish myself then *wink*
  15. It's not a stick! It's my furry little tail! I'm just a bit excited, that's why it's so hard.