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  1. Prapor Vlkodlak Media

    Love, not hate @Grimnir @Oisin
  2. Bildresultat för blonde  blue eyed boy

    1. Grimnir


      yung aryan boi at it again

    2. Jonaaaaaas

      *lights torch*

  3. Leif Bauer

    (WIP) Leif grew up with alcoholic parents. He stole alcohol from his parents and partied with his and gave no shits about school. As he got older the only thing he cared about was drinking, fighting, his old Dodge Polara and cheap woman. He had to take shitty jobs to stay afloat but he soon got fired from them all by being drunk and hungover at work. He soon realised that he could no longer party. He did not even have any money for fuel. So he decided to go another country where the alcohol was cheap and the woman even more so. He sold his car and his deceased parent's old house. And then flew to the cheapest sounding country he could find where the woman still was beautiful enough. When he got there he partied night and day. When he finally got sober enough it was already chaos in Chernarus and with almost no more money left he could not leave. As the outbreak gets harder and escaping the country seems impossible. Now the only thing he could do was to drink and try to survive.
  4. Nisse Tully

    (WIP) Nisse Tully was conceived when his mom was on vacation in America at an Arian party. When she was back home and found out she was pregnant, She decided not to tell the dad and instead keep custody and have all the child benefit for herself. Nisse had many "father figures" most of them bald and with big tattoos of swastikas. Some of them told that they were "soldier" that was there to fight against the immigrants who were stealing their jobs, raped the woman and "piggyback riding" on the economy which the hard working Swedes had worked so hard for. Nisse had no idea who his father was but he fantasized about how he was a great leader that was leading the Aryans in the race war. A few years pass and his mother falls into heavy drug abuse. He suggested treatment but his mom refused. In an attempt to save his mom and get her treatment. He was going to steal his mother's Luger P08 and force her to go to a treatment camp. But something failed she got angry and lunged towards him and the gun just "went off" killing Nissy’s mom. The gun was loud and the cops were called. They brought him to child services After a few years, Joe Tully got out from prison after a murder. And got told that he had a son. He bribed a few judges to ignore Joe's murder charge and got custody of Nissy. Nissy finally got to be with his Aryan "soldier" dad that he always dreamed about and maybe Joe could teach him how to be a good “soldier” as he was.
  5. Had a great time in Chernogosk wit all the doctors and others. Who was trying to take me away from Duggie. @Rory @Sophie @2Eazy @Strawberry @Steck and others
  6. Hugo Holm

    Hugo's mom and dad died in a car crash shortly after Hugo was born. His poor old Grandparents raised him. He got bullied all throughout school. his only real friend was the old tv his grandparents owned. once in a while when Hugo got some cash together he would go to the thrift store to buy old American movies. His favourites were the Star Wars trilogy he used to watch them so much the tapes would get worn out so he had to buy new ones. One day on a doctors appointment the doctor found out that Hugo had Neuroblastoma. He was so far gone that they thought it would be better to give him drugs so he was as lively as possible until he died. One of the things he would do is to make a wish to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He wished to meet the real Luke Skywalker. He was however not available so they got him the next best thing He got to travel to Chernarus where one of the background stormtrooper actor from Rogue one was filming a low budget horror film. A few days later he went there to meet the famous actor. when he got to the airport he got greeted by the stormtrooper. The stormtrooper took him deep into the mountains where the film was being filmed they were going to stay there for two weeks. A few days later the tension started to rise in Chernarus but since they were so deep in the mountains they thought they were safe. As the days went on it got more and more serious. Most of the film crew and the people in the nearest village started to leave Because apparently there was some sort of outbreak going on but the stormtrooper forced Hugo to stay and help him complete the movie anyway. Until one day it got so bad so it was impossible to leave Chernarus. The outbreak had almost completely taken over the country. Now they had to try to stay alive and get out of Chernarus if they could
  7. #28 - S1 EU - 07/04/17 17:30 - NVFL, AOGM

    Axel Bergs POV: My friends and I had @Lyca hostage in Kabanino church. One of us saw about 5 other guys running around in the barn compound. So we decided to move @Lyca somewhere where we could end the hostage situation. @Galaxy stayed in Kabanino to watch what they were [email protected] then asked for support so I quickly ran over there. When I was in the middle of a field and 30 meters from them they initiated and killed @Galaxy. Since I had no information on how well armed they were, no cover and no good angle on them I decided to fall back and meet up with the rest of my group to try to take them out wich we later did at VMC
  8. The Symptom - Media Thread

    Taking out the super soldiers for a walk
  9. S1 RDM/Mass RDM - Kab Stary Road - 6/11/17

    My friends and I were hunting the Jesters who usually wear clown masks Also, we were hunting people wearing blue armbands that had robbed @Greenie and then killed him while he was tied up. After a while of searching, we find two guys wearing blue armbands on the road between Stary and Kab. @Brady then asks them why they are wearing blue armbands and that we are searching for people that have them (because they killed our friend). A short time after @Brady and @Kunkka asks the guys to drop their backpacks so that we can check if they have any. Then both of them starts shooting and killing us. We manage to kill them both but only me and @Sarilla survives. A short while after two unknown guys comes up to us and initiates on us. We don't comply and manage to kill one of them before we both die.
  10. The Paegoon media thread

  11. Great RP with my dad @Steck and his friends @PatZ @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Beni Also my new mum @SnowFlake
  12. S1: Invalid Kill NWAF - 17-03-2017 18:35

    Steck wasn't even involved in the situation so even if he said that we have video evidence, he could not even have known if we had it or not. No one got video evidence on my side.
  13. S1: Invalid Kill NWAF - 17-03-2017 18:35

    That must have been a language error on my part since English is not my native language
  14. S1: Invalid Kill NWAF - 17-03-2017 18:35

    Idk where you got that from but we don't have any video evidence.
  15. S1: Invalid Kill NWAF - 17-03-2017 18:35

    Sigvard Blom POV: Me and my brothers come across a guy on the NW airfield. We try to talk to him but he keeps on trying to run away from us we keep on telling him to stop and have a short talk in wich he replies to that he got anxiety problems and just keeps on running (avoiding RP). After a while, we decide to initiate on him he then stops and just stands still for 10 seconds and doesn't say anything. I then shoot him for not complying. After a few seconds, another guy comes out from behind a wall (probably his friend) and shoots 1 of us before we also gun him down.