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  1. Oh well... didnt have much on me anyway.
  2. So today i was attacked by an invisible zombie... and another guy as well. I have no idea how this could've happened but its annoying that it was invincible and OP cause it hit me from everywhere even when i ran and it stroke like 5 times every hit... Anyone else that died of some OP bug/glitch?
  3. Im going to make lots of journals here (when i die) and post them as a story. You guys should do the same! So gather around the fireplace and tell your story!
  4. My first day: I was driving my car that i fixed at the cabin where my brother died, i was driving for days. I had some food in the second fron seat, but no water. When i finaly enden up in a city with possible loot, and gas for the car i was exited. This was my first time to step out of the car in a long time, or so it felt like. The very first house i enter and i got scared to death. 4 guys, armed, speaking of some camp. I hided at the back entrance listening to them talking. I heard they were going to get some criminal group of three so i had to follow them. When they left i saw a water bottle with a little left in it. One of the men must've forget it. I took it and ran to my car. They walked so they would hear me following them, so i had to leave the car behind. I took all the gas out, put it in my backpack and followed them. A couple of hours later i saw them walk into the forest, and they stood their just talking. Then they started a camp fire and one of them went out of the circle of light, walking towards me. I had no idea what to do. I didnt know if he could see me. I pulled out my knife, went in a bush and waited for him to pass me. Then i stabbed him until there was no way he could survive, but he screamed and got the groups attention. They ran armed against me and i quick took his gun, hid and waited for a timing where i could get all of them. But then i realised they were good people, they were cops. I felt soo bad killing one of them. So i went up the morning later, and said i wish no harm. I dropped his gun, sat down next to it and told them the truth... the worst decesion ever. An hour later i was in jail. I was in a cell with some scary looking girl. But when i realised i had to stay here for a long time i tryed to talk to her. She didnt respond any time but just looked wierd at me. I dont know what was wrong until she got up and stared out the window. Then she tryed to tell me something. Her english was bad, so i just did what she was doing. She gave me a picklock and pointed at the door. She was breaking free. I did it and as soon as i opened the door there was a guard walking down the stairs. He saw her peeking out and shot her right infront of me. I screamed a little, and he pointed at me telling me to go outside and get down on the ground. I was asked lots of questions but remained silence, not cause i didnt want to tell them, i was just too damn scared. But i got back in my cell and told him the day after, just told him it was her instead. Couple of weeks later i got out. Just to get shot in the leg a hour later by the same men that arrested me in the first place. So i had to go back again for help but they were all dead... all of the cops dead. A mass firefight had place here in the night, but i didnt hear it somehow. So here i was, laying down crying for help. I didnt wake up after that... It was like i was dreaming, but somehow could wake up. I thought i was dead, for some time... But i still dont know where i am. Thats was my first day and my first characters story... Still alive as my second character! Yay!
  5. Per0vic

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Waow, now i see how bad i am at this game