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  1. I started out my life as a child staying in a village ''Mogilevka'' was the name as far as I can remember. My father Teric worked at a church in the village as a preacher. And my mother was employed as a nurse for NWAF a few kilometers away from the village''Mogilevka''. As a child I learned to prepare and cook meals for myself and even entertain myself with art and writing to keep my self pleased since my mom was stationed at NWAF. And my dad was usually at work through out the day and sometimes even night. As time comes next thing you know I'm a teenager and I picked a few bad habits up and I found my self learning the art of theft. As I stole a Mosin Nagant from the local hunting market down near the well so I can be more efficient as providing myself with food by hunting from the farmers fields and the wild life surrounding my village. As time progresses people start talking about this new virus that has came from unknown substances. It has started from the coast and time is only going tell when it reaches farther and farther inland until it hits me. As time goes I notice that things get worse First my village has lost electricity, Second chaos has started to erupt, Third people been more actively leaving the village a few months pass then we here an alert on the radio that the unknown substance has been called thee infected and they announce that raiders have ambushed north west airfield and has been wiped and had been fled by infected ! I haven't heard from my mother Lisa since that happened may she rest in piece. Later that night my dad had to close the church because the virus is getting closer he should be back soon at least that's why I thought next thing you know I wake up to sounds of gun shots at night all I see is muzzle flash through the shutters of my home. In my village its now my time to flee the raiders have come to Mogilevka! from that day I have become a scavenger.
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