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  1. Yaroslav Bilinski was born on August 21st 1994, in the remote hamlet of Baranovka, just north of the city of Sochi, Russia. Born into a family of human rights activists, life wasn't always easy for young Yaroslav. The political views of both his father, Dmitri, an up-and-coming journalist who worked for a small newspaper firm located in Sochi, and of his mother, Lada, a nurse at the local community health centre, got him in trouble more often than not while growing up and attending local schools, as the shadows of the recently dissolved Soviet Union prevailed. Many would pick on him, saying he and his parents ought to be jailed for spreading capitalist lies and ideals. This, however, did not stir away Yaroslav's conviction that his parents were right in demanding increased freedoms for the repressed people of Russia, and he too would take up a human rights advocate role after graduating in Sociology at the Kuban State Technological University in 2015. He, as well as most Russians in the Black Sea area, followed the tense situation building up in the country of Chernarus during the 2010s, all the way to the tragic events that took place during the spring and summer of 2017. Unwilling to sit and wait idly for the situation to worsen, Yaro contacted his fellow Chernarussian human rights activists in order to assess the situation in their country, and trying to figure out ways of helping out the desperate survivors of the catastrophic outbreak. Eventually, he decided to join a convoy heading to the country with supplies and aid, only to go missing just after the convoy crossed the border into Chernarus... His dive into hell was just beginning.
  2. Travis


    Hello, my name is Lino and I hail from a little country, located on the southwesternmost part of the European continent, called Portugal. I'm currently finishing my BA at my local uni and I found myself with some spare time on my hands. I thought it'd be nice to spend some of it in this fun and more complete way of playing DayZ, after watching a few videos on yt and that kind of stuff. I actually applied for a whitelist roughly 5 years ago, but I ended up playing for less than a handful of hours, as I lost interest in the game altogether. So yeah, looking forward to roleplaying with all of ya!
  3. You can always create a transmission for it: http://www.dayzrp.com/f-radio-chatter--206
  4. Travis

    [SRR] Special Reconnaissance Regiment [Recruitment Closed]

    Good luck, topic looks great.
  5. No you're not. Just keep looking and read everything word by word. Trust me, that's how I found mine.
  6. Travis

    [101CDF] 101st CDF Pioneers [Recruiting]

    Welcome back!
  7. Travis

    [FM] Free Medics

    Looks great, very valuable service to Chernarus for sure. I'll see about donating medical supplies if I ever come across some.
  8. Try Vybor aswell, saw lots of activity there.
  9. Travis

    Amount of people typing?

    Haven't met any text RPers yet, but I've got nothing against it.
  10. Travis

    The Last Cause

    Great stories so far Rifle, keep it up.
  11. Travis

    Another Standalone server?

    It'd be very nice to have a 3rd server up and running, sure would reduce the waiting time to play.
  12. Even if it isn't the release day, it'll be nice to know the date for its release.
  13. Travis

    "Not all Scars can be seen"

    Impressive stuff Alexander, looking forward for more!
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