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  1. You can always create a transmission for it: http://www.dayzrp.com/f-radio-chatter--206
  2. Travis

    [SRR] Special Reconnaissance Regiment [Recruitment Closed]

    Good luck, topic looks great.
  3. No you're not. Just keep looking and read everything word by word. Trust me, that's how I found mine.
  4. Travis

    [101CDF] 101st CDF Pioneers [Recruiting]

    Welcome back!
  5. Travis

    [FM] Free Medics

    Looks great, very valuable service to Chernarus for sure. I'll see about donating medical supplies if I ever come across some.
  6. Try Vybor aswell, saw lots of activity there.
  7. Haven't met any text RPers yet, but I've got nothing against it.
  8. Travis

    The Last Cause

    Great stories so far Rifle, keep it up.
  9. Travis

    Another Standalone server?

    It'd be very nice to have a 3rd server up and running, sure would reduce the waiting time to play.
  10. Even if it isn't the release day, it'll be nice to know the date for its release.
  11. Impressive stuff Alexander, looking forward for more!
  12. Can't complain about the people I've met either, only been aimed at once, but it ended up in nothing happening.
  13. Travis

    [101CDF] 101st CDF Pioneers [Recruiting]