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  1. Well, trying to hit every single spot is what i have been trying to do , but yeah ill try to make it more convincing, in the fact that i understand the rules Just something i noticed highlight it in yellow and responded in red Noted
  2. I would suggest staying on topic with your examples/answers...don't add anything extra in just stick with what they are asking you about KOS and NLR. Also try to fix any grammar errors you may have so the point you are trying to make can come off more clear... Thanks ill take that into consideration Well, apperently they dont care about how long it is. As long as its well explained and puts out the key features of the application.
  3. So ive tried to get whitelisted, both times ive failed. So this would be my last try. I was hoping the community would help me out here. Both time ive failed it was the issue with terrible explanation and not having a direct example of an incident with KoS and NLR included so thats why i need you're feedback on this one. Do you guys think that this might go through? Please dont judge my English, i was never born with it. KoS: Basically, killing on sight is when you start shooting, or intending to hurt the other player, without them having any idea of what is happening. KoS is when you shot a player/kill one without any reason, without any justification or roleplaying included. You need to make contact to the player to eliminate the purpose of KoS. This can be done by running up to the person start talking to him, letting him know you there and letting him process what is happening. This goes for every command you make to, let the other part get what you're saying before you hurt him. If the player refuses, you are allowed to kill/hurt him/her. Example 1: You run up to a player shouting "Drop you're weapons or die" giving him 3 seconds, and then shooting him would go by the rule of KoS. First he has no time to process what is happening and he has no time to do to anything. Which leads this example into a failure. Example 2: You run up to a player "Drop you're weapons or die, do not turn around or i will shoot" giving him a good amount of time to drop his stuff, and for you're own saftey he has no way to retaliate. At this point, a hostile action has been started and the other person is allowed to retaliate, but what is fun in that (roleplaying wise). A good way to continue eliminating any kind of KoS is to have a "hostile" conversation with the other player. Making the whole scenario more roleplayable. Correct amount of conversation and the other part knows what is happening making this example a Victory. Bandits: Are applied to keep their prisoners in healthy conditions. This only includes if the prisoner or victim is complying to what the bandit is saying. If the prisoner does not comply to his commands and tries to do something else that the bandit have not commanded. He is allowed to hurt his prisoner or in worst case execute him. They need to protect their prisoners from hostile enemies (Zombies, Chewbaca), giving them food and water to keep them healthy, and if sever damage has been done, medical supply should be appointed to the victim. If the victim wants to take revenge or retaliate, they need to wait a minimum time of 2 Hours. This goes from when the hostile action first started. Do not affect the other rules, all rules still comply even to retaliation. NLR: New life rule; You are not a allowed to return to the destination you died before a time of 90 minutes has passed. You are not allowed to reclaim any items or even go near you're body (1km) before the time has passed. Every memory and actions that happend in the scenario you died in will be forgotten. Memories that happend before this scenario you will keep; Group, friends, enemies and things that has happend before. Houses or you're home will also be remembered. But if the incident happend in the area that you live. You are not allowed to go back there before the timer has run out. Example 1: You have been cought up by a bandit. The bandit has a conversation with you meanwhile you drop you're stuff as the bandit has commanded. You do everything he sais, untill a point where you get really pissed and wont listen to him anymore. (Scenario making death is a better solution). Ofcourse with the bandits satisfaction of putting a bullet through you're head, you ragdoll down the street and respawn. At this point everything that has happend have been forgot. You forget when he made you take of you're pants, take of you're shirt, making you do his laundry etc. But you still remember that nice guy behind the shack that gave you something cause you did him a nice favor. Which would defintly make you his friend. Everything before the incident you remember. Nice if you could give me some examples of how to write an good example
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