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  1. Character Name: Nalun Fang Character Age: 26 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? None Does your character have a mental disability? None Does your character have a specific disease? None Does your character have any phobia? Alektorophobia Does your character have a love interest? None Does your character have any addictions? None Does your character do any drugs? None Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yes Would you like your messages to
  2. Welcome to the bunch! Hope you have some fun times here.
  3. Finally got myself all the required materials for one of the Enigma Machines, but upon following both: A) The video tutorial found on the DayZRP fourm B) Multiple online searches I've come to the conclusion that the machine may be bugged. Even using the simplest of encodings does not seem to work. The configuration I was using was: - Reflector Beta - Rotor 5 (Ring - A, Initial - A) - Rotor 6 (Ring - A, Initial - A) - Rotor 7 (Ring - A, Initial - A) - Metal Wire - 9v Battery - Text to Encode: "TEST" - Multiple Encodings recorded: XAZX, OAJR, WAJU,
  4. Aww... Also tell me about it lmao. If I could afford to, I'd just take every day off. Glad you all invited me in. Definitely getting the interactions I was interested in.
  5. Wanna shoutout @Lucafor the quick but flustering little thing we had today. I'm not even gonna lie, you had me scrambling for words. Honestly did not expect that lol. Not sure who else was in your car group, but shoutout to them as well!
  6. Thanks! I appreciate the warm welcome!
  7. Why hello there, feel free to call me Anime. I'm actually completely new to this server, as I'm looking to get into the RP side of DayZ instead of the constant PvP. Always felt like this game should be a hardcore zombie survival more than just another PvP game like Rust. Hoping to see some nice faces, and maybe even some interesting ones! See you on the lands.
  8. Being born and raised in the down south state of Texas, Nalun didn't have to worry too much about the apocalypse. Having gun-slinging parents came with it's perks, as he quickly learned how to use a rifle. As time passed, Nalun became a great shot, often being the scout and resource gather for the community. The hordes near his home grew more powerful by the week, eventually overwhelming the home. Unable to defend any longer, his father, Mikah, ended up sacrificing himself so the rest of the community was able to escape. After grieving his father, he eventually decided he wanted to travel in h
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