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  1. There is nothing I can say, The picture says it all...
  2. Important security announcement!

    @uSx, saving the day for once
  3. BeanZ Increase?

    We just got it up to 5 a day, I thinks its good where it's at.
  4. This year on DayZRP...

    @Staggs What you doing at foreigners Party?
  5. whats the craic

    Why? What is about to go down?
  6. How a Nuclear War Would Play Out

    Welp, We had a good run here in Kent. Right Zunn?
  7. And I thought Zunn getting LM was bad...
  8. Well.

    Shit Russian tbh
  9. Peece

    Don't bring my ASBO fines into this, Matthew. Hey, I'm not the dickhead that pissed in an alleyway full of policemen.....
  10. Peece

    Too busy pissing in alleys to do your work Zunn? What would the officers Say....
  11. Happy Name Day Qnr, I hope you go to Mars.
  12. Happy birthday Ron From your best buddies, Liska!