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  1. Popularity

    Soon. Please? lol i think it would be awesome to try and recreate battles in an RP sense... Can't wait to hear more about the custom stuff the staff will do to the Epoch Server. me too though
  2. Arma 3 sync

    So after I was thinking about some stuff around the Arma 3 Epoch server I thought it would not be a bad idea to do it with Arma3sync cause it can save you alot of time. So I wanted to ask if the Admins and programmers were intrested in giving us the "Host or url" and the port for it. I would also make a tutorial on how to use it.
  3. Popularity

    Thats true.
  4. Popularity

    Does anybody think that the Epoch RP server will get more popular? Lets hope it gets more popular soon cause it would be a awesome idea with the base building and alot of people.
  5. Loot problems

  6. Loot problems

    Do you mean that everything stays where it is also after restart until it gets moved or removed?
  7. Loot problems

    Did the server have any restarts since yesterday 10pm GMT+1 or whats going on(meaning EU server) there is still excactly same loot in the town the before and I am starvin cause of that D: Pls help me
  8. Server restarts

    Thx alot Sir
  9. Server restarts

    Is there a way to found out when the next serevr restart is(regarding SA servers)? Thx for help in advanced
  10. Passphrase if you can just answer pls D:

    Thx alot
  11. Passphrase if you can just answer pls D:

    Thx alot man then I will read through it D:
  12. Passphrase if you can just answer pls D:

    Just wondering if the passphrase is on the SA rules or Mod rules would help me out. Cause I am only looking into playing SA and I read through it now 12 times loud and nothing suspicouse. Thx for Help in advance
  13. Introducing

    Hey guys, my name is Ibrahim Omar and I am hoping to see you guys soon Ingame.