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  1. Yeah I saw that tweet from Eugene. That must be a dream come true for you guys! I'm not too worried, I had a Sporter and they had an SKS and Mosin/Sawn off and they both died. Unfortunately I did too, as I was coming around I was hit by a Zombie and there was no way to bandage in time. To be honest it was fun. But I picked the Sporter because I love the gun and I didn't think I'd need to be getting fully geared on the RP server. I'm not bothered about losing gear etc. This is DayZ!
  2. Thanks, that is what I thought would be the answer. However I'm not even sure cannibalism was in the last time I played on RP but there we go. I wish I'd got their names now as it kinda wasted the 6/7 hours I'd spent roaming the map looking for Sporter clips!
  3. So I played on the RP server last night for the first time in a long time. I bumped into two players at Pavlovo, I was perfectly civil. After about 20 seconds of chit chat, one of the two says "so I have some bad news for you" and then the other says "the bad news is he's a cannibal" the first guy then says "and we're both hungry!" At that point "bad news" raises his shot gun at me, it's been a while since I read the rules but I think my play style in general meets the rules criteria anyway. Having been told they were cannibals and now they are aggressive I start shooting. As far as I can see NVL is no issue for me, if I don't shoot they will eat me. My question is this... Is it OK to just go around saying you are cannibals and then execute whoever you want so you can eat them? That to me doesn't seem to fit within the spirit of the game. It would be different to eat people if you killed them as per the rules and then ate them but to kill people for food, is that acceptable? I have made a very brief vid of it on my YT channel. I'm not linking it to here though.
  4. Thanks everyone! I did have the passphrase sorted before I posted, although it did take some soul destroying re-reading. I guess I skim read even when I try not to! I may even have been whitelisted when I posted this as I didn't know where to go to check! Such a noob..... Thanks for blowing my cover Nihoolious! I am the same one as YT, didn't use a different name as I figured I would go by unoticed at my size on YT... I have only had a brief chance to get into the servers but I have had some fun encounters. The game feels very different, in a good way. I wanna give it a proper try for a long session as soon as I can but the V3S on experimental is also calling atm... Thanks for being so welcoming all....
  5. On the experimental branch it is properly 24 hour right now so I would think it will be in stable when 0.51 comes to it. I only hope that the times of servers are different when they come to stable. On exp all the Euro ones run on the same time as real world time, I like playing at night but it's nice to have a choice in the matter if your game time is almost always evening.
  6. Hi guys and girls! Just wanted to say hello! I have applied to be whitelisted yesterday and read the rules about 10 times because I kept missing the passphrase! Hopefully I will get accepted, this looks like a lot of fun and something new in DayZ for me! Hope to see you soon.... TRMZ