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  1. Timothy and his brother never saw eye to eye. Timothy always wanted to see the good in people while his brother wanted to watch the world burn. When he heard that his brother had once again ran away from the safety of there home he knew he had to find him and bring him back. from town to town, place to place he followed his brothers path by what he could gather from the locals. He has no goal other then to see his brother safe and will stop at nothing to do so. Now he finds himself at his brothers last known location ,Nyheim, tired and afraid. his brother is the only thing that is left for hi
  2. "I wish to sell you not goods, but an idea" Connor was born into violence and betrayal. Moving form pocket to pocket, alcove to alcove, and destroyed settlement to destroyed settlement never finding a true home for himself. Wondering by ones self for so long doesn't do much help to ones psyche. Finding no salvation in the likes of his own kind he turned to the infected for answers. The beasts the brought terror to those around them are not the infected but man, he believes. The infected do not fight each other rather work together in unison against a common enemy. Connor believes that if he c
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