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  1. *The radio sparks to life as Billie presses in his PTT button* "Hey Gray, I hear your worried about Scott? I think he's fine. That's the last I heard, I'll keep you updated." *Billie would release the PTT button, ending the transmission*
  2. until

    I literally cannot wait for this! I hopefully get one of these notes!
  3. "Today's number is 1936" lmao I love your character, can't wait. It's a blank slate, you never know what can happen with that!
  4. Man, you made the RP even better. Thanks for that shit man! I appreciate that you gave the perms!
  5. Real shit appreciated! Can't wait for your new OC idea!
  6. *The sounds of Billie, out of breath and panicking are heard, before he says* "I guess it is taken care of, I'm sorry for the worry... We were just being attacked by a sniper... I'm sorry comrade.."
  7. "We need help at Send-It City! Cannibals are currently attacking it! If you are armed and now how to fight, please show up! *The man's voice seemed distressed, seeming also confused, and scared..*
  8. Billie would push his PTT button, the sounds of gear clanking together and walking on grass would be heard. "That was Cooper. I wasn't crying, about to though. He went through quite a bit, which some was deserved, some not. He just wanted to see his sister again, and he never was able to. I could have helped, but I never did, it's just saddening, y'know?" Billie would continue on rambling about stuff, most was not able to be understood, but the most that could be making out is "effect" After that, the transmission ended.
  9. A sigh would be heard "Coop, you were a good person. You had a good heart, a good spirit, but you chose the wrong people, wrong place, and wrong time. With your sister Sophie.." He'd sigh again, wishing he could do something. "I'm sorry comrade, I can't do anything about her. I wish I could, but I'm not able to. You'll be missed buddy, at least by me. You will be remembered..." Billie would pause for around 30 seconds, before putting these words out, seeming like he was on the verge of crying. "Do svidaniya, I wish I could have done something for you..." Billie wo
  10. No problem man! I also thank @RedSky, @Scott Fynch, @Misky, and all the other people who RPed with me today! Really fun day, can't wait for tomorrow.
  11. *Billie would once again, get on comms.* "The problem with Cooper is almost dealt with, if not already dealt with. There should be no more problems from him..." *Billie would hum some tune, before cutting the transmission*
  12. *Billie would come back over the radio, pushing in the PTT button* "Mick, it isn't proven, calm down. He learned his lesson. If he didn't, I'll make sure of it. Don't worry about it, if he didn't learn, I'll make him learn." *Billie would laugh a bit, before cutting the transmission*
  13. *An American voice, not too high or low pitched would come over the radio.* "Cooper. I'm not trying to keep you out of trouble. I'm making sure trouble does not start with VK again." *He'd let go of the PTT button, sighing. Around 10 seconds pass, and Billie comes back on the radio.* "If you actually stabbed Pippa though, I will personally throw you off of a roof. You shouldn't be attacking anybody inside of SC. I hope you learned your lesson, but there is still much I have to speak to you about. Some of it... you most likely won't like.. but I hope you do." *Billie's chuck
  14. Good RP from literally everybody in Sendit City today! I'm excited for tomorrow, can't wait to see what will happen!
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