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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): i have no report or PM it just says it in the top of the page: http://prntscr.com/bhz2h4 Why the verdict is not fair: I dont think that giving me a ban for not following the is not fair but giving me a permanent ban for something i can change in a second is not fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When i got whitelisted, in my story my character had only a first name, that my bad, but i got accepted and no one told me to fix my name to have a second name so i just rolled with it thinking its ok. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have a time limit on my ban and not to be permanent banned from this community.
  2. My age is 16 so when i whitelisted i wrote down 16 on the age question. the story i worte was about a 28 years old person. will i be regected for writing a story about a 28 years old person while i wrote in the age 16? or will i be able to change the age of my charecter?
  3. livin103

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    I initiated on you when you both got in the truck. Then you kept driving so we shot at you. did you type this initiation? no he didn't
  4. livin103

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    so what is our punishment? and what do thay get for shoting at us for no good reason? Your punishment is not my decision - but the other subject please explain in more detail what happened when we were going away from the island they started shooting at us while we were in the V3S, than we stopped the the beach and tried to snipe them but with no success. thats KoS because thay didn't threatened or anything and they started shoting at us. Do you have any evidence that they shot at you? a video etc. ? i dont have any evidence but they have a picture of one guy aiming at us http://i.imgur.com/piCiRkCl.jpg
  5. livin103

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    Actually yes there is. A V3S would not function underwater and no amount of duct tape would change that. It is both badRP and abuse of game mechanics (or bugs in this case). so what is our punishment? and what do thay get for shoting at us for no good reason?
  6. livin103

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    Yes we did use the V3S, but there is no rules agains doing that and we came up with a story about using duct tape to seal the V3S to get to the island, we said good bye and left but the three of them just started shooting us while we were driving under water and thats KoS, we did nothing and they shot us.
  7. I was eating a zucchini on the 3rd floor of the house in elektro and suddenly my shoes became ruined, my legs began to hurt and i broke my legs, while eating the zucchini!! im far away from any hospitles and i don't know what to do...
  8. If I have a full gear character in dayz, should I kill myself in another server to be a fresh spawn in the rp server?