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  1. yea but all my friends got in and are playing today som im just desperate to get in
  2. NLR basically nlr means that you lose all memory of the events leading up to your death, but you retain the information of your friends, clan and other groups, you can not return to the general area of your death for an hour after it happened( or an hour and a half as some people are saying). Unless you die from a glitch in which case you can contact the admins and discuss whether it is okay to return to your corpse and collect your gear. Nlr also forfeits you of any revenge rights you had before you died. KOS Killing on sight You cant just shoot some one, you need a reason, you have to make contact with the player, and he has to respond in someway to your message or voip. You must state a hostile intention to your victim and you must state all other orders/directions to the player clearly before you kill them for non-compliance. Also, it is against the rules to put a player in a situation where they can be kos'd, for example, leaving supplies on the ground, and engaging the “thief” who picks them up. You are also allowed to take hostile action towards somebody who has previously been hostile to you for up to 2 hours after the event in revenge, provided you didn’t die in said action. You must also confirm your target before killing him so as not to risk RDM. is this better..and im sorry if i'm being difficult to understand. i've been trying to do this for most of the day, and im tired is all .. im sorry
  3. zombie.. how can i stick to the nrl and kos explenation if i cant use the rules .. like i know i can use them as an example but wtf
  4. IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH?? NLR Stands for new life rule, which basically mean that after you die you take on a new life of sorts. You lose all memory of the events leading up to your death, but you still retain your name, the names of your friends and group mates and everything else. After dieing your not aloud to return to your corpse, or the generql area of your death for an hour, unless you die due to a glitch(of which there are plenty) in which case you contact an admin and ask if the circumstances allow you to return to your corpse and regain your gear, because glitches are hardly RP. KOS KOS means killing on sight, its used to refer to the shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning, concussing and every other kind of brutal murder of other players without any valid reason. In dayrp you have to make direct contact with a player and announce your hostile intentions, for example, you attempt to rob someone at gunpoint, and they don’t comply, either by attempting to flee, not listing to your instructions or present an immediate threat to you(by either raising there weapon or equipping it) due to the fact that you are confirmed hostile and they can take aggressive action toward you, you can kill them. You can also take revenge upon a play for up to 2 hours after the hostile action as long as its withing the other rules.(NLR) Of course there are also role play situations in which you can be killed. For example, your a know bandit/thief, and a role play clan of cops arrests/kidnapped you and do do a whole judge, jury and execution thing. I know there’s nothing about the last part in the rules but from what i've read on the forums and been told by friends it seems pretty common, not that its a bad thing.
  5. okay but i need an admin that i can pm but the problem is that i did give an example.. and i still need to speak to an admin..
  6. "KOS and NLR are both missing key details'' what does this mean like what.. i did everything liek it should've been.. on the whitelist it says nto to copy anything .. like what the hell do i have to do then .. if i cant even say it like it should be .. i really need an admin to help me here
  7. Hello... im trying to finish my whitelist but i cannot find the passphrase.. i know that nobody can tell me the passphrase.. but my main question is ... did they add the passphrase to the dayz sa rules before deleting the modrules.. bc the day before yesterday had the passphrase in the mod section... and yes i have read the dayz sa rp rules.. troughly