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  1. Prinsey

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    Not sure if this is still ongoing. However LikeI said before. I saw a man jump out a car and murder my friend. I then followed them, killed 1 of the 2 man, I think the one we were following orginally. No rules were broken by their side. Although I feel the RP was very poor on BOTH sides.
  2. A man, who people often describe as…. Nice. Odd.. but nice. Never has any trouble and always tries to stay neutral on subjects. As long as it doesn’t involve the people he holds dear. Serial killers... They terrify us. They fascinate us. Veritable monsters in human form, serial killers represent some of the scariest and yet most interesting people on Earth, ones whose grisly deeds leave us wondering “why?” and… “How?” How is this humanly possible. How is a person this capable… Capable of doing something to another human. Some were victimized themselves, some suffered from serious mental disorders, and some actually may have just been plain evil. Whatever the psychological makeup of these murderers, serial killer stories are filled with the kind of macabre and shocking elements that always leave us coming back for more, even if we’re chilled to the bone. This one is a little story about a man named Aiden aka Dr. Death is one of the deadliest serial killers to ever exist.The British ex-military man began killing his victims at the age of 16 He has more than 220 kills to his name. 37 of those are confirmed kills that were legalized by the military. 2 of those we’re brethren in arms. Who he… “accidently” shot in the back of the head with an Kalashnikov he picked up… Aiden loves the thrill… The mere feeling of taking another humans life. He lives for it. After he heard that his nephew “Jake” was stuck on the island of Chernarus, he didn’t think twice. He grabbed his kit, everything that held him dear. His knife, his unregistered rifles and pistols. Loaded them all in a bag, called up the only person he trusted, and was above the Island of Chernarus not even 24 hours later in a military plane. All he had with him was his kit, which included some food a canteen. His rifles, his pistols and his beloved m65 jacket to keep him warm. “duh svee-DAH-nee-ye” He said to his Russian friend… He jumped… That’s where it all started.
  3. Prinsey

    S1 - BadRP/ trollRP - Pustoshka barn - around 00:00 27-4-2019

    I literally have no recollection of being involved in that or near that barn. I was out for a couple of days. Since my character Jake got killed last monday by a firing squad of the warband. Again I dont remember being in or near that barn on the time of this incident.
  4. Prinsey

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    4.4 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations.
  5. Prinsey

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    Excuse me? *SniffSniff* You werent even involved...You were never there. How would he have known u were involved? Neither of you were wearing armbands, nor did you announce yourself as "His" Friend. All you did "RP wise" Is shown in that video. And if you asks me. It belongs on DayZvanilla. Im sure most would agree.
  6. George and Frank were born on 11-14-1993 in Kansas City, Kansas. They were normal children for the most part, until something changed their lives forever at a young age. During a family cookout when their family was outside entertaining close relatives, George and Frank, not knowing any better, turned on the stove in their kitchen, to which there were a few boxes of pizza sitting on top, which quickly caught fire. Then setting the rest of the house ablaze. In an attempt to save their children, George and Frank’s parents ran inside to find them. Making their way through the house frantically. Eventually they found their children and immediately covered their faces with blankets to stop them from being burned as much as possible and to reduce smoke inhalation. Almost making it to the exit with their beloved children their parents fell unconscious and eventually died from their injuries. Leaving the kids burned and orphaned at the age of 4. During their adult life George and Frank were court ordered to see therapists and psychiatrists three times a week. They were diagnosed as psychopaths with a reality disconnection disorder, basically their brains never grew up and they still see the world in an immature way. After a few violent outbursts due to accidentally using poor phrasing with George and Frank they hurt more than one shrink. The last shrink they were sent to was a specialist in psychopathic disorders and had a special plan in mind for these two. Knowing that George and Frank were inseparable he decided they should be sent away together where anything they could think of wouldn’t be able to hurt a sustained society. He placed them both on a plane to a place called Chernarus, knowing that this would be the last time almost anybody saw those two again.
  7. Jake was almost 21 but no-one would ever be able to tell. The kid had a look in his eye, that kind of look, one that is difficult to describe, but you know what I’m talking about. Not only did he have that look but he was also well spoken, even with strangers. The way Jake speaks is calm and collected, full of respect, you can tell just from listening to him that this kid is smart. He came to Chernarus with his brother on a business trip that became unintentionally extended. He had an amazing reputation as a Fashion Designer. Jake Had worked for the big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Was now in for a different swish, he made his own clothesline named "Valentine Men-Wear" which skyrocketed when launched. Casual and streetwear. Jake knew it all! Jake and his Brother came to the island for a Russian business associate who loved Jake's work when he still worked for Vuitton , he wanted to help finance the business.. But this Trip to Chernarus. Which was where the Russian business associated, lived became Unintentionally extended. Before he left his mother fell extremely ill. She had dementia and didn’t even remember who he was, this was really hard for Jake to go through as his father had died not too long ago. A lot of things happening to someone that young changes them, Jake was different, in ways no one would yet see.
  8. Prinsey

    Good to be back. - Jake Valentine

    It's been 5 years... Last I played was in 2014. BUT with .63 obviously everyone is hyped and can't wait to play, so it does feel good to be back.... I hope Jake gets a chance in this cruel world! Let's RP boys!!! Jake heard the name in a dream, he woke up with sweat on his forehead and stood up. Immediately J-H asked, “Jake are you okay?!” Jake looked up and was so happy to see his dear friend. J-H saw the distant look in Jake’s eyes and remembered that look from his time back in Iraq. Rose started waking up and looked at Jake. The first thing that came to Jake’s mind was, ”Whoa.. she’s really beautiful.” He could hear him ask if he was okay but Jake’s thoughts were somewhere else again. It’s like he was constantly wondering off. He wanted to answer him but couldn’t. Rob had woken up as well, he was sitting next to Mute as they were putting some food together for the group. Jake looked around and came to his senses, “Just a bad dream” he muttered. J-H looked into Jake’s eyes and said, “It’s okay son.” And gave him a firm hug.
  9. Prinsey

    SA:Group NCR [New Chernarus Republic]

    i dont really know what you mean?.... what do u mean lorewise?
  10. Prinsey

    SA:Group NCR [New Chernarus Republic]

    Awesome, Twog , awesome .... Green berets... i prefer my All black+Motorbikehelmet <3
  11. Prinsey

    SA:Group NCR [New Chernarus Republic]

    sounds awesome
  12. Prinsey

    Change the teamspeak DayZRP rooms to frequencies

    agreed! sounds like a wonderfull idea
  13. Prinsey

    Hey there!

    congrats, and have fun mate! Hope to meet you one day!
  14. Prinsey


    Welcome buddy, goodluck with the application, and hope to see you in-game soon!
  15. Prinsey


    Does anybody know how to make a cool signature? As you can see I have a very basic signature. I just want something with some sort of grafitti letters. the same text tho, if anybody could hook me up? Would be much appreciated!
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