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  1. Jake was almost 21 but no-one would ever be able to tell. The kid had a look in his eye, that kind of look, one that is difficult to describe, but you know what I’m talking about. Not only did he have that look but he was also well spoken, even with strangers. The way Jake speaks is calm and collected, full of respect, you can tell just from listening to him that this kid is smart. He came to Chernarus with his brother on a business trip that became unintentionally extended. He had an amazing reputation as a Fashion Designer. Jake Had worked for the big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Was now in for a different swish, he made his own clothesline named "Valentine Men-Wear" which skyrocketed when launched. Casual and streetwear. Jake knew it all! Jake and his Brother came to the island for a Russian business associate who loved Jake's work when he still worked for Vuitton , he wanted to help finance the business.. But this Trip to Chernarus. Which was where the Russian business associated, lived became Unintentionally extended. Before he left his mother fell extremely ill. She had dementia and didn’t even remember who he was, this was really hard for Jake to go through as his father had died not too long ago. A lot of things happening to someone that young changes them, Jake was different, in ways no one would yet see.
  2. It's been 5 years... Last I played was in 2014. BUT with .63 obviously everyone is hyped and can't wait to play, so it does feel good to be back.... I hope Jake gets a chance in this cruel world! Let's RP boys!!! Jake heard the name in a dream, he woke up with sweat on his forehead and stood up. Immediately J-H asked, “Jake are you okay?!” Jake looked up and was so happy to see his dear friend. J-H saw the distant look in Jake’s eyes and remembered that look from his time back in Iraq. Rose started waking up and looked at Jake. The first thing that came to Jake’s mind was, ”Whoa.. she’s really beautiful.” He could hear him ask if he was okay but Jake’s thoughts were somewhere else again. It’s like he was constantly wondering off. He wanted to answer him but couldn’t. Rob had woken up as well, he was sitting next to Mute as they were putting some food together for the group. Jake looked around and came to his senses, “Just a bad dream” he muttered. J-H looked into Jake’s eyes and said, “It’s okay son.” And gave him a firm hug.
  3. i dont really know what you mean?.... what do u mean lorewise?
  4. Awesome, Twog , awesome .... Green berets... i prefer my All black+Motorbikehelmet <3
  5. congrats, and have fun mate! Hope to meet you one day!
  6. Welcome buddy, goodluck with the application, and hope to see you in-game soon!
  7. Prinsey


    Does anybody know how to make a cool signature? As you can see I have a very basic signature. I just want something with some sort of grafitti letters. the same text tho, if anybody could hook me up? Would be much appreciated!
  8. I spammed the: add to favourites button. This worked for server 1 (uk-SA) but not for server 2 (us-SA) Try and spam it ... seems weird, but maybe it works?
  9. Welcome buddy , hope u will have a great time! as these nice lads above me said , any question? ask them!
  10. Laughed my ass off! anyway thank you guys for all the answers!
  11. Im really curious, what do the blue and brighter yellow color on the forums mean? cuz i know red are admins, green mods, purple gamemasters, but i see blue a lot aswell, but what does it actually mean?
  12. second one looks good to me , nice examples
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