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  1. i dont really know what you mean?.... what do u mean lorewise?
  2. Awesome, Twog , awesome .... Green berets... i prefer my All black+Motorbikehelmet <3
  3. Change the teamspeak DayZRP rooms to frequencies

    agreed! sounds like a wonderfull idea
  4. Hey there!

    congrats, and have fun mate! Hope to meet you one day!
  5. Hello

    Welcome buddy, goodluck with the application, and hope to see you in-game soon!
  6. signature

    Does anybody know how to make a cool signature? As you can see I have a very basic signature. I just want something with some sort of grafitti letters. the same text tho, if anybody could hook me up? Would be much appreciated!
  7. Can't save DayZRP SA servers to favourites.

    I spammed the: add to favourites button. This worked for server 1 (uk-SA) but not for server 2 (us-SA) Try and spam it ... seems weird, but maybe it works?
  8. Hello people!

    Welcome buddy , hope u will have a great time! as these nice lads above me said , any question? ask them!
  9. Colors of names

    Laughed my ass off! anyway thank you guys for all the answers!
  10. Colors of names

  11. Colors of names

    Im really curious, what do the blue and brighter yellow color on the forums mean? cuz i know red are admins, green mods, purple gamemasters, but i see blue a lot aswell, but what does it actually mean?
  12. KOS, Application Help

    second one looks good to me , nice examples
  13. Hey Peeps!, Jake Smight!

    ty buddy ,thanks to you and rick and some other people
  14. Hey Peeps!, Jake Smight!

    OMG Guys ty for all the help and support!!! ILL C YOU IN GAME!! <3 <3 <3 http://gyazo.com/c5c2bd78803a2f6f80e57abb637f88a0 thanks to you guys <3